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I am that crazy!

Wait! Lets back up a moment, shall we?

I loved the first and second Ice Age - haven't seen the third, but if there was one movie I'd actually venture out to see (mostly I'd rather wait for the movies to come to me) Ice Age 3 would be the one. Yes, this relates to me being that crazy, but probably not in the way you are thinking.

Anyway, I re-watched the second movie recently, and then last night watched the first and second. Now in the second movie there is one teeny little thing that bothers me (Sid's hair getting singed - if he got that close to lava his hair would be the least of his worries) it wasn't actually enough to make me ranty. Yes, kiddies there is the irony for you - with Ice Age I am able to say "cartoon" and move on instead of getting my bitch on.

Now let me say that I am NOT talking about the complaints in regards to the second Ice Age concerning the language. Though I thought most of it was witty and clever, and the "wild ass" thing had soda trying to come out my nose, but if I had children I might feel differently. However, when I decided to try and find some reviews of the third Ice Age I was amazed by what I found - in hindsight I'm not sure why I was caught so off guard, but I was.

Lets just say that there are a great many people who are upset because these movies aren't realistic. Now like me you may have to take a moment to just let that sink in. The movie stars a talking mammoth - I think realism left the building in the conception stage of this project.

However, as I looked at the screen slack-jawed I realized that I was one of these people. *hangs head* I mean not in regards to Ice Age (obviously), but lets face it I have said "that isn't realistic" in regards to other things that were inherently unrealistic. Yeah, that's right, irony is now my new name. So, honestly I shouldn't have been that shocked that there were people out there who were (would be) unhappy with the lack of realism in a movie with a talking mammoth, but alas it caught me completely off guard.

Incidentally, I also learned that I am pretty much the only person out there who thinks Scrat is useless and actually drags these movies down. Because even the mostly negative reviews seemed to think that Scrat is the best thing since sliced bread.
I've not seen any of the Ice Age movies... I don't know why though.. o_O
Well, I think you're missing out. I personally love both the first and second equally, but the general opinion around the internets is that the first one is made of awesome and the second slightly less so, and if I'm reading right most tend to think the third one out right sucks.
(But from the trailors I've seen, I'm betting I'll like it.)

I'll watch them someday. ;) :)
*grins* If it'll entice you even more, I'll even admit that Scrat has his moments where he's not all bad, though I'll probably never love him.