Sarah Palin Resigns as governor of Alaska. Yeah, I had to google this one because I didn't believe it when I saw it on the LJ for The Daily Show, but it would appear that she really is resigning.

The reason I'm truly stunned here was because I was very seriously expecting her to try and run for POTUS in 2012. I've always thought her trying in 2012 was a mistake, but that was really the only reason I could come up with to explain why she seemed to be trying to stay in the news.

Anyway, as I said I thought a run in 2012 for Palin was a mistake, not because I think Obama will be unbeatable (if he keeps being Bush Part Duh! He'll be pretty easy to beat), but because it seemed to me that Palin would fare better in a POTUS run if she allowed more time for the 2008 VP debacle to fade (say wait until 2016 at least). I know it doesn't seem like much time, but when it comes to politics I've found that people tend to forget even faster than you might expect.

Could this be why she's resigning? Possibly, but I think being completely out of public office would actually hurt her chances worse than the 2008 VP debacle would. Plus, if she's completely out of office then you have to come back to 2008 for her "experience," so if she is doing this for a potential POTUS run later I actually think it's a mistake, but I could be wrong.

So, you know what, for once I'm gonna give Sarah Palin the benefit of the doubt, and accept (until it's proved otherwise) that she has actually resigned to spend more time with her family, and to remove not just herself but her whole family out of the news, because right or wrong (in some cases right, in some not so much) they have been targets right along with Palin.
Though to be fair, in many ways their being in the news is as much Palin's fault as anyones. She put them out there, and apparently magically expected the media and others to leave them alone, which was at best naive. Hopefully, though if Palin herself isn't holding public office then she won't be in the news as much, and could remove her family as well.
Though, as always, I reserve the right to point and laugh when/if Bristol Palin tries to extol the virtues of abstinence only education.