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Probably. Okay, just in case you don't know (though honestly I don't see how you could miss it) Michael Jackson died on 6/26/09. And, yes, it is a terrible thing, but why does the world (or at least the news) stop for this one man?

Yes, I like practically everyone else had a MJ phase, though I was in grade school when I had mine, and I had long since lost interest in MJ by the time things went really wonky for him (trying to become white, hanging a child out the window, potentially molesting children - shit like that which pretty much defined his later career). Okay, so I've liked other songs from him over the years, but Thriller was the only album from him I bought (and I think I liked the song "Eat It" slightly better than "Beat It," if you don't know "Eat It" you are probably young, though I suppose there are some old timers who might not know it either, but Friday I decided to play "Thriller" in honor of MJ, and when "Beat It" came on I found myself singing "Eat It" instead), though way back in grade school I seem to recall having a purse with his "Thriller" picture on it.
*hangs in head in shame*

Thursday night I was so mad I was practically spitting nails, which is why I delayed this entry, because I am saddened by his death, but if I'd made this entry that night you might never have known that.

Anyway, I turned over to MSNBC wanting to hear about Thursdays news. Remember Iran? You know, the country that just had an election that was causing some serious protesting of its own people - said people who were being killed/arrested for protesting said elections. I wanted to know what was happening over there. What about the pervy American Governor? Though since you've probably asked yourself which one... Well, I can see why that might not be more newsworthy than the death of Michael Jackson. Still it was annoying that everything apparently paled in utter comparison to the death of Michael Jackson.

My boy, Keith Olbermann didn't think anything but the death of Michael Jackson was worth reporting (it's the Anna Nicole Smith news nightmare all over again, and though I admit I'm more interested in MJ than I was her I still think round the clock coverage is excessive and unnecessary) Thursday night, and my gal Rachel Maddow didn't even bother to show up - after sitting through an hour with Olbermann doing nothing but MJ's death I was hopeful that Rachel would come along and at least do a little reporting on something (anything) else, but no such luck. Of course, Olbermann and Maddow might not bare sole blame here, because I suspect it was the whole of MSNBC who decided that nothing but the death of Michael Jackson was news Thursday.

Yes, the death of Michael Jackson is terrible, tragic, and a whole host of other adverbs, but I'm positively certain it is not the only bit of news that happened on Thursday, but you'd never know that if you watched (or tried to watch) the news Thursday. And while Friday was slightly better...

Side note - Wasn't there some other semi-famous person who passed away recently? Farrah something or other. Seriously, I suspect the way MJ's death stole the show (literally) there are probably people out there who really don't know about the other celeb-death.
But this is something I HAD to agree with. Farrah Fawcett died the same day. CNN (which I get Breaking News updates from) had ONE update that she died late in the day. MJ had FIVE. Billy Mays (infomercial king and on Discovery's Pitchmen) died today. ONE short article while MJ, yet again, dominates the news. Iran? California budget crisis? ANY OTHER NEWS? Totally "unimportant/irrelevant" compared to Michael Jackson's death.
This saddens me. It truly does. That so many people were interested in the details that several search engines went down on Thursday, but none seem to care about things happening overseas or even newsworthy events right here in the US... something about this seems wrong to me.
To top it off, I have been told repeatedly that the reason I don't want to hear about it because "I'm just a kid who couldn't understand." Please keep in mind, these people are only 10 years older than me who are telling me this, and I haven't been "just a kid" in quite some time. (Mini-rant over)

I went a little long there - basically to end it I COMPLETELY agree with you.
See, I didn't even know that Billy Mays had died, though to be fair I haven't tried watching the news since Friday, and I probably won't until Monday in the hopes that by then the "news" of MJs death won't still be totally dominating, though I'm sure it will still be in the news.

Something about this is wrong, I mean as far as I'm concerned what is going on in Iran is WAY more important than celeb deaths, not to mention (as you all ready have) the things going on much closer to home completely unrelated to Michael Jackson that are just as important, but I suspect there are very few of us who feel this way.

As for being just a kid - I don't know why people say things like that. I mean I realize that children aren't (generally) rocket scientists, but we've all been children, which leaves me thinking that either I was more intelligent than most children (unlikely) or when one passes a certain age they suddenly forget that when they were kids they had more knowledge and understanding than they got credit for.

For example, back when I was a kid/tween/teen, I realize that I was a bit full of myself (probably understating that, cause I was probably outright arrogant), and sometimes I thought I was brillant when I really wasn't, but there were lots of things that I understood as a child, things that many "adults" didn't seem to believe I was capable of, which never failed to piss me off. That's probably why I get annoyed when I hear/see the whole "you're just a kid, can't understand" argument, which is pretty much pure BS.

Finally, don't worry about ranting or length - I'm a fan of both. It's the main reason I don't Twitter, I just can't say most things without being long-windy - I'm a bit of a rambler that way.