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Well, earlier today my phone line was fixed. YAY! Having them come out and do it will probably cost me an arm and a leg, but sadly I could have replaced several things on my own and not found the problem. The line from outside into the house was fine, the jack was fine - it was one tiny little line connecting the outside line to jack inside that was the problem. Anyway, I appear to be back to normal now, so YAY!
(The phone line is totally silent now, and I think my net connection may be slightly - very slightly - faster.)

Sadly I did NOT get as much done during my downtime as I was hoping. Don't get me wrong, I did get more than a few things done, but...

The good news is that I did get some work on fanfic done during my downtime. The bad news is that most of it was done on a new fanfic that I rather stupidly started on Sunday because I had a wild idea that would NOT go away. However, I did get some work done on my all ready started (and posted) WIPs, though not as much as I was hoping...

The bad news is that I actually have a good reason for that. On Sunday (the day I started the aforementioned NEW fanfic) I got a call - my aunt died, and while not entirely unexpected still affected me. So, for the next three (four, actually) days I didn't even turn the computer on. Though admittedly on Thursday I didn't turn it on because there were T-storms in the area.

Still the plus side is that I do have several new chapters almost ready - I was hoping to have one ready today, but once the phone line was fixed I've admittedly been cruising randomly around the internet instead of doing stuff I could do offline.
(I'll probably at least be able to update one of the WIPs tomorrow along with probably posting the first chapter of the NEW one - on Twisting the Hellmouth, of course.)
*sets phasers to...

{{{{{return hug}}}}}*