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Okay, I know most of you probably wouldn't notice, but there is at least one fellow out there who always notices when I disappear for any length of time.
(This budsposts for you, Santaman!)

Anyway, May 30/31 I noticed a serious slowdown in my connection, though it didn't get real bad until Wednesday, in fact I only really noticed that far back because I started getting a few more "Can't Find Page" messages than usual. Now I think we all know that dial-up isn't the fastest way to surf even on a good day, but yesterday (June 4) my connection was down to 2.4 kbps - Until yesterday I never appreciated exactly how fast (good) around 25 kbps really is (even the 15.0(ish) on Monday/Tuesday doesn't seem so bad now). Today I'm actually at 7.2 and while that is still really really slow it is (I think/hope) enough to let me at least post this message.

The problem is NOT my PC or my ISP, my problem is a noisy phone line. Seriously, the background noise is so bad that you can hardly even talk on the phone, but what's worse is what all that noise has done to my internet speed. Anyway, I finally realized that it wasn't my PC and/or ISP and called the phone company yesterday - I was told that if they (the company) found a problem it would be corrected by June 14th. First, they better find a problem, because there is clearly a problem with the line (and I plugged my phone directly into the wall jack and it was still noisy, so it's none of the inside cords causing the problem), and second that means you might not see me around for over a week. *sigh* Cause after today I probably won't even make an attempt to get online until the problem is fixed - I miss the net, but surfing this slow is a real pain.

The upside is that I might have time to work on some of my fanfics, except not so far. I tried to work on one yesterday while waiting for websites to load, and last night I told myself I would work on at least one today, but just can't get anything done. Still perhaps during this downtime sheer boredom will drive me to working on some of my fanfics, but I'm not exactly counting on it since I have quite a few games on my PC which could keep me as distracted as the internets itself.

This is really a shame because there is so much I'd like to rant about right now - The terrorist attack that killed Doctor Tiller, and now the idiots who support that act coming out to say that birth control pills are murder. Seriously! I mean I get being against abortion, thinking that it's wrong, and should be illegal, but killing these doctors ARE NOT helping your case, and now you idiots are saying that "birth control" pills are just as bad as outright abortion... GAH! The whole point of those pills is to take them BEFORE you get pregnant. If you really want to take on a "murder pill" you'd have a better case going after the "morning after" pill you morons! Oh, and murdering people (like Doctor Tiller) doing things that you don't like/approve of IS NOT helping your case, it's just making your side look stupid/bad. *sigh*
I hope your connection issues will be fixed soon. *hugs*

I've not been around LJ much lately, I do miss you around Terran though. *hugs again*