...Turns out there are a few Buffy/Angel pairings I don't like. Well, to be fair, there's always been a meager few B/A pairings that I'm less than fond of, but there is one I did not know that I didn't like until now. And I have lit_gal and her awesome Kin of the Heart and sequel Kin of the Soul to thank for this discovery.

I started reading because of the promised Angel/Xander, and I'm still into it for that, but I've discovered that I HATE her Spike pairings, aside from Angel/Spike, of course. First, she threw Spike/Faith together, which I admit didn't totally suck (but only because she handled it a doomed to fail kind of way), but once again oddly enough makes me glad that the rumored Buffy spin-off staring Faith and Spike never got off the ground. Now she's writing Spike/Cordelia, and I mean no slight against her, but I think Spike/Cordelia really suck as a couple. And, as I said, I did not realize I felt this way until lit-gal wrote it. No, I don't think she's writing it badly, I just don't like it. Seriously, I think Spike/Dawn is a pairing that works better, and I kinda dislike seeing Dawn paired with any of the canon Buffy/Angel characters.

Now I'm going to try and list all the Buffy/Angel pairings that I don't like/am less than fond of.

Xander/Anya is at the top of my pairing dislike list. However, even Xander and Anya worked as a totally sexual couple, they only started to suck (for me) when TeamWhedon started trying to convince us that Xander and Anya really loved each other.
(Though Xander getting with Anya in the first place seems out of character for Mister All-Demons-Are-Evil-and-Deserve-to-Die Harris.)

Giles/Jenny comes in a close second. Other people seem to like this pairing, but I just never felt RG/JC were right for each other. Which is different from the reason I've never been real fond of Giles/Joyce - I do kinda think RG/JS were kind of right for each other, at least without Buffy around, Buffy actually keeps RG/JS from seeing perfect (because I think their differing ideas about Buffy would tear them apart). And the less said about Giles/Oliva the better - on the other hand, at least G/O seemed to accept that they'd never be anything other than friends with benefits unlike Xander/Anya who tried (and failed) to be something more.

Third place is interesting because there is pretty much three couples/pairings I kinda dislike equally here:

Buffy/Riley, Dawn/Connor, and Angel/Cordelia
1. Buffy/Riley makes Riley come off looking a bit sexist. No, it was never anything he said, because TeamWhedon made sure to write him saying all the right things, but somehow Riley always managed to come off a bit sexist despite that. That is the big reason I was never into B/R, but there are other reasons, which I am refraining from going in to.
2. I don't really know why I dislike Dawn/Connor so much, though it might have something to do with the fact that I am less than fond of both characters.
3. Angel/Cordy had one of the same fatal flaws that Xander/Anya had - Anya seemed like a watered down (bad) version of Cordy, and every time there was an Ange/Cordy scene, Cordy ended up feeling like a watered down (bad) version of Buffy. Though as with Xander/Anya that isn't the only reason I don't love/like Angel/Cordy.

And since I mentioned one non-canon pairing (Dawn/Connor) I'll mention another non-canon pairing that I don't like. Though I should mention that I rarely hate/dislike non-canon pairings because being non-canon means they aren't all up in my canon grill annoying me.
Dawn/Connor probably wouldn't make the list except that there is so much D/C fanfic that at times it seems hard to avoid it. Hard, admittedly NOT impossible. Anyway, it isn't so much that I hate the pairing, I just don't understand the pairing, and that pairing is Angel/Wesley. I could see early Wesley (season one of Angel) nuturing a crush on Angel, but I just don't see Angel returning it, because whether he's Angel or Angelus he seems (interestingly enough) more fond of mouthy-men (Penn, Spike, and in my head Xander), and early Wesley was pretty much a meek kiss-ass. Then later when Wesley does grow out of that what does he do? Betrays Angel, not once, but in the end twice. So, I think even if Angel might have tapped that boy in the beginning I feel that after the betrayals Angel would simply be unable to trust Wesley enough to have that kind of relationship with him.

-- *grins* After I went offline last night I realized that I had completely forgotten one pairing that should always end up on my hate/dislike list of Buffy/Angel pairings, and that is Willow/Kennedy. However, I can understand why I completely forgot about it, despite that fact that I really (and I mean really) hated it during season seven, but after some time and distance I realize that I don't really hate Willow/Kennedy I just don't care for it. For one thing as far as I'm concerned Kennedy is just totally wrong for Willow, but one of the reasons it doesn't inspire me to hate anymore is because I've realized that Kennedy is Willow's Riley (and no I don't care what the comics do or don't do, because I know I'm right on this - arrogant much.). Kennedy is the person who comes after the epic romance and shows Willow that it is okay to move on, but in the end is NOT anything more than that nor is she the person Willow would/should end up with forever.
(Though admittedly I wouldn't mind seeing Kennedy end in exactly the way Renee (Renea?) from the comics did. But if Whendon does play W/K as it really is (should be) then Kennedy is not doomed to die just not destined to be with Willow.)

There is another one, however, even further down the list, because this next one I don't hate so much as I just don't care for it but can actually tolerate it in a fanfic (in small doses, and) as long as it isn't the primary pairing. And it is the much loved pairing of Spike/Drusilla. To this day, I'm not honestly sure why I don't like it, I just don't, but I didn't realize this for a long time, I just thought I hated Spike and Dru not just the couple but the characters themselves. After Spike returned to Buffy without Dru, I thought it was simply Dru that made the pairing suck for me, but then Dru showed up on Angel without Spike and I found that I adored her, so I like both Spike and Dru, I just don't like the pairing of Spike/Dru.

There's probably others that I could come up with if I really thought about it, but these are the ones that always come to mind when I think of Buffy (Angel) pairings I don't like now with added Spike/Cordelia.