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Name your 10 absolutely favorite couples (het/slash/canon/fanon) and ask people to see what trends they notice about your couples. Try to pick different fandoms:

1. Angel/Xander (Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Angel the Series)
(My OTP here used to be Buffy/Xander, but season seven of Buffy killed my Buffy love which in turn affected my B/X love to a certain extent. Plus in addition to that, I've also found myself more into Xander/Cordelia than Buffy/Xander lately.)

2. Harry Potter/Lucius Malfoy (Harry Potter)
(It's always a close race between HP/LM and HP/LV, but at the moment I find myself leaning more toward HP/LM than HP/LV. However, it still comes in second because I'm not activately looking up fanfic for HP/LM like I am currently with Angel/Xander.)

3. Kimberly Hart/Billy Cranston (Mighty Morphin Power Rangers)
(I didn't hate Tommy Oliver/Kimberly Hart (or the latter Tommy/Katherine for that matter), but I always liked Kim/Billy slightly more than Tommy/Kim.)

4. Damon Salvatore/Bonnie McCullough (The Vampire Diaries)
(The books, not the up-coming BS TV show)

5. Fox Mulder/Diana Fowley (X-Files)
(This one should probably be higher on the list since it is the third pairing I thought of off the top of my head, but since there is no fanfic reinforcement for this pairing it ended up slightly lower than it started.)

6. Garak/Julian Bashir (Star Trek Deep Space Nine)
(I also really like Julian Bashir/Jadzia Dax, but I like (and have always liked) G/B ever so slightly more.)

7. Darth Vader/Luke Skywalker (Star Wars)
(YES, I KNOW THEY'RE RELATED! I don't care! I also like Luke/Leia, so suck it!
PS - This one should probably be higher on the list, because I really do like it, but I couldn't bring myself to move any of the others down to list this one higher. Weird.

8. Katherine Janeway/Tom Paris (Star Trek Voyager)
(This one would be higher on the list, but when I rewatched the first two seasons recently I found myself not quite as in love with this one as I used to be.)

9. Jean Luc Picard/Q (Star Trek The Next Generation)
(Really the only pairing from TNG that I've read fanfic for, though I did read an awesome(ish) Picard/Tom Paris fanfic once.)

10. Bruce Patman/Jessica Wakefield (Sweet Valley High)
(I know they dated and the ship failed, but that didn't stop me from hoping they'd eventually end up back together, at least until I finally gave-up/lost interest in the series completely.)

And I should really give Lady Heather/Gil Grissom (CSI Vegas) an honorable mention, cause I generally don't get into ships for "cop" shows, but this one just would not be denied so I was pretty much forced to start shipping it.
(That and I almost pushed Janeway/Paris off the list in favor of LH/GG, which is really saying something since J/P is one of my first loves.)

I should note that there are several crossover pairings that I like just as much (if not better) than some that made this list, but I wasn't sure crossover pairings were in the proper spirit of the thing.

And that doesn't even mention threesomes, though in fairness I thought most of the threesomes I like came from Buffy and Harry Potter, so I decided to list my fav threesomes just to see - there's more from different fandoms than I thought.

1. Angel/Xander/Spike
Though I also really like Buffy/Angel/Xander (I wish there was more B/A/X fanfic) and Buffy/Xander/Spike.

2. Harry/LMalfoy/Voldemort
I also really like Harry/LMalfoy/DMalfoy.
PS - Yes, I like more than two HP threesomes, I even have a soft spot for Harry/Ron/Hermione, though I do like several other threesomes better.

3. Kimberly/Billy/Tommy (Power Rangers)
I also like Tommy/Jason/Kimberly and Jason/Kimberly/Billy

4. Mulder/Scully/Skinner (X-Files)
Almost the only way I can really stand Mulder/Scully, though I can sometimes tolerate Mulder/Scully if I really like the fanfics plot.
What is very weird here is that Mulder/Krycek didn't make either list, and it is also a pairing I really love.

5. Janeway/Paris/Chakotay (Star Trek Voyager)
The very first threesome that I REALLY got into. I also REALLY like Torres/Seven/Harry Kim, but didn't get into that one until later since obviously Seven of Nine wasn't there at the beginning.

6. Luke/Leia/Han
What's weird here is that I like Darth Vader/Luke Skywalker and Luke Skywalker/Leia Organa, but I'm not really into Darth Vader/Luke/Leia, though I would totally be willing to read a DV(AS)/LS/LO fanfic. Oh, and I do like Han/Leia, but I can't say I really ship it outside of H/L/L.

7. Garak/Julian Bashir/Jadzia Dax (Star Trek Deep Space Nine)

Six (Seven) ain't bad. And I say again that if I listed more than one threesome per fandom I'd find it terribly easy to come up with twenty or more.

UPDATE: Aaaand, of course, I did totally forgot one of my fav threesomes - I added it in as number six, but it might even beat out number five.
(*smacks self* Right, I wasn't doing the threesomes in order anyway, but because of this I decided to put the threesomes in fav order.)