Slashing the Angel

Unconventional Relationshippers

And last, but certainly not least:

Twisting the Hellmouth

I used to keep up with many more Buffy sites, but once Buffy and Angel stopped having new episodes many sites stopped updating and/or disappeared.

Star Wars

Bast Castle

Club Jade

FanFic by MJ Mink

Vader's Mask


the Basement at DitB

The Red Light District

And, of course, Gossamer.
Author Page (Krycek)

As with Buffy a lot of great X-Files sites have vanished. It is really a-shame too, because most of them were Mulder archives.

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Obviously, this is for me, and not as such a recs page. Although, for the most part, I would recommend checking out the above sites if you have any interest in the genre. But I decided to do this because my IE fav folder is so overloaded and getting very hard to find things.

Yes, even with creating folders and sorting links, it is still massive and hard to navagate. So much so that I've actually stopped bookmarking sites. Couple months ago, I decided to use the history file as a favorites file. Trouble is I don't want to keep all sites in my history forever, and if I don't visit the site almost every other day, then I lose track of it. Therefore, I decided to make an entry on LJ to keep track of these sites. Much easier than book marking so many different sites.

I'm sure you've noticed a lack of Harry Potter (and general archives)... I'm still reading HP fic, but the fics I read from HP are all over the freakin' map, and I've already created (not in this journal) a list of stories and links for HP fiction. I might one day, post those lists here, but not for awhile, because all the AFF links need to be updated and I'm terribly lazy about stuff like that. Meanwhile if you must have Harry Potter fic, check out Painless_J.

Got links for Buffy/Angel or X-Files you think I should see?
I hope so, but...

If you are reading this and know of any Buffy/Angel* fanfic sites (and I do mean any slash/het/gen, with Buffy I like almost all of it*) that are still being updated, please let me know. The world needs more Buffy/Angel fic.

* I'm not as big a fan of Angel as I am Buffy. Mostly I only read Angel the Series fic that slashes Angel, or is a "crossover" with Buffy. Because outside of a few characters, I'm just not into those folks like I am/was the Buffy folks. But if you have a fic for Angel that you think is good, I'd probably be willing to give it a try, unless it's Fred and/or Wesley - I don't care for either of those characters; together or apart.

* Don't link me to any and all Willow stories. Strange as it is I am very picky about Willow pairings. Obviously, I like Willow/Oz and Willow/Tara - outside of those it must be Willow/Buffy or Willow/Buffy/Xander. Nope, I don't even like plain ol' Willow/Xander fics.

Also, if you know of any X-Files sites that are still being updated, please let me know. However, I'm not as open when it comes to X-Files...

Please don't link me to MSR (Mulder/Scully romance/married) fics or archives. While I don't object to Mulder and Scully getting/being together - I've just found that most MSR fics not to my taste. However, I will read MSR when it comes with a plot and the sole object of the fic is not just about getting Mulder and Scully together. And, please, NO MSR fluff bunnies, those I loathe!

Now that doesn't mean I say no to all X-Files het, I actually like Mulder/Fowley, Scully/Skinner, Mulder/Scully/Krycek, and Mulder/Scully/Skinner - I just ain't a big fan of Mulder/Scully or Krycek/Scully.

PS - Please do not link me to stories/archives where there is Fowley Bashing going on, because I happen to like Diana Fowley.

PPS - If you know of fics where Mulder joins the consortium - please oh please (on this one I don't even care what the pairing is - slash, het, squick, it's all good) link me. I thought there would be lots of fics out there of this type, but I've only found one, and even in that one Mulder only joined to bring it down.
Seriously, if you know of any Mulder joins consortium fics, and share the link with me, I WILL LOVE YOU FOREVER!