So, over the weekend late one night I was bored and unable to sleep, and to my great delight they were showing an old favorite of mine on the TV machine (Clerks II), and I was totally reminded of something that struck me when I first watched these movies.

I would totally do Jay and Silent Bob (together or one after the other) - no, I'm not talking about the actors (Jason Mewes and Kevin Smith, though they aren't hard on the eyes, but), I'm talking Jay and Silent Bob. At first Jay comes off as that annoying dude (I'm almost sure everyone has that one dude in their life), but you know even before Clerks II and the so-called new and improved Jay and Silent Bob (read sober) once you got past the annoying surface of Jay, he really does have a good heart buried down in there.

Of course, I realize that Jay and Silent Bob are fictional characters, but you can't take my fangirl fantasy - they are MINE! Seriously, though, Jay and Silent Bob are what really makes all these movies worth watching, even the less than stellar ones, though Clerks II is one of the better ones.

And now to the over-thinking portion of my viewing experience, and I realize the irony here, because these are the type of movies you are simply supposed to sit back and enjoy, and usually I can, but this time I just couldn't help myself.

I'm about to talk about the ending of Clerks II, but I'm not LJ cutting to hide spoilers, because the movie has been out for almost three years so I'm thinking if you were remotely interested in seeing it then you've probably all ready seen it.

But first, I admit to really lovin' the Star Wars vs Lord of the Rings fanboys. Kevin Smith really nailed that. ;)
(I personally love both the original trilogy and the Rings trilogy, but then I've always loved both Star Trek and Star Wars, cause that's just the way I roll.)

Dante Hicks really needs to stop being friends with Randal Graves. I know buying the Quick Stop is supposed to be awesome for both of them (and it was a decent way to end the movie), but looking back over all the films, Dante really hated that place, and this is made crystal clear all through Clerks II (so even if you never saw the original Clerks you would still understand that Dante hated that place). I guess we're supposed to see that while he was saying he hated it that deep down he really didn't, but I personally believe he truly did hate it. So, in the end when he allows Randal to talk him into buying the place it just makes me feel that in the end Dante is going to end up being more unhappy than he would have going to Flordia with Emma, which would probably lead to him hating Randal, which I could totally get behind, because unlike Jay I just can't find anything about Randal to like.
(I mean I doubt it would take Dante a week to remember why he hated that place, but now because he owns it he really is stuck there, and that is pretty much Randal's fault.)

And, finally, even in movies like this you can learn things. The more you know... For example, way back when I first watched this I realized that there were more than a few racial slurs that I did not know about.

In the end, this movie really does kind of have it all, plus a DONKEY SHOW! Seriously, though I do think anyone in any fandom would probably get a few chuckles out of watching this, unless you are the type who takes fandom WAY to seriously. In that case this movie would probably inspire rage.