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...I decided to post a couple of my own "secrets," except it's on my own LJ and therefore not much of a secret, or not once this entry is read.
(For the record, I am not a member of Fandom Secrets, nor is one of the groups I'm watching - I only look in every so often.)

I've tried to keep to what I feel is the spirit of Fandom Secrets, meaning that I believe the following secrets are things people don't know about me, or at least they didn't until reading this entry. I think people who know me will find the second one especially surprising.

You think you know, but you don't know Hope. ;)

Anyway, here goes:

Canon Defenders annoy me...

I was going to say "Harry Potter Canon Defenders annoy me," but I thought about that for two seconds and realized that "Canon Defenders" in general annoy me. I was annoyed by the X-Files defenders, I was annoyed (and still am) by the Buffy defenders, and so on and so forth.

Note: I did not say rabid fans, I said Canon Defenders, if I was annoyed by rabid fans then I would be a hypocrite.
(I'm also not talking about those who do the so-called "fanwanking" - i.e. explaining what could've/might've/probably happened/been meant when canon is not so clear. Again that is something I sometimes do myself.)

What I'm calling "Canon Defenders" are the folks that absolutely cannot accept that any criticism of Fill in the Blank could actually be valid. Rather than accepting that favored writers(TV) and authors can (and often do) make mistakes "Canon Defenders" will bend themselves (and sometimes the real world) six ways from Sunday to show that Fill in the Blank didn't make a mistake it's just that everything else is wrong.

For example, Rowling has in the past admitted that, yes, she's made some mistakes, especially when it comes to the maths. So, I think if Rowling can admit that not everything she wrote was perfectly correct then fans should be able to accept that that not all criticism of Harry Potter is invalid.

Another example (just to prove this honestly isn't just about Harry Potter), is Angel the Series Season Five - I love it, and aside from Season Two it is my favorite season of Angel, but even knowing that Season Five is horribly horribly flawed - I don't care, I love it anyway, and people talking about the flaws aren't going to make me like it any less.
(Though admittedly when I go back and rewatch I very rarely ever watch those last two episodes because I feel they taint the whole season. Of course, that could be because I find myself wishing that Whedon let the series end with TeamAngel still at Wolfram & Hart.
Mostly cause I think the irony of that ending would have been better than the actuality of the ending they went with.
The actual ending is why no matter how good the Angel comics are (better than the Buffy ones in my opinion) I just can't get into them because I can't suspend disbelief enough to accept that anyone other than Illyria would have survived the wrath of the Senior Partners. In other words Angel's rash actions killed everyone, including the one he really wanted to save, Connor.

No, I'm not saying all criticism of Harry Potter (or any thing else) is valid, cause some of it just ain't. Because there have been times when even I've looked at a haters/bashers post/essay/whatever and am like "WTF? did you even watch/read/whatever Fill in the Blank," but those types just do not annoy me near as much as the "Canon Defenders" do.

The character of Dawn Summers - it's no secret that I hate her. That I've hated her from the moment Whedon introduced her into the series. The secret is that I'm starting to like Dawn...

*hears pin dropping*

Don't misunderstand, I still hate canon!Dawn, yes, I hate her in the comics. However, I've read several fanfics where Dawn is one of the main characters, and I'm discovering that fanon!Dawn just doesn't annoy/bore me like the canon!Dawn.
(The episodes about Dawn (or ones where she got a lot of screen time) bored me*, while her interactions with the other characters, but especially Buffy annoyed me.
*That's one reason I can't like the Season Seven episode Conversations With Dead People, the other is that Xander was left out, but mostly I don't like that episode because it's so stupidly Dawn-heavy.)

What's up with that? Seriously. Whedon created the character so if I was going to like her you'd think I'd like his version, but apparently not. It was honestly a bit confusing at first because I hadn't realized that I was starting to like Dawn (in fanfic) until I started reading the comics. In the comics she annoyed/bored me pretty much just like she did on the show. I'm almost ashamed that it took me so long to realize that my confusion was coming from the fact that I had started to like fanon!Dawn.

What is it about the way Whedon does Dawn that keeps me disliking her? And why is it that I don't hate Dawn in fanfic. And I'm talking about fanfics where she's in-character, though slightly less whiney/annoying I guess.

Okay, I know why I didn't like her on the show, but part of me doesn't understand why I don't like her any better in the comics, because at least in the comics she seems to have an honest to goodness purpose. I could be wrong, but the many forms of Dawn do seem to be leading somewhere. On the show she had no purpose other than Whedon wanted her there, and don't talk to me about keys, because she wasn't the key. Huh? Nope, if she was (or had been) the key then Buffy couldn't have closed the portal - it doesn't even work by saying Dawn is a clone of Buffy, because the Buffy clone was supposed to be wrapped around the key, not that the monks split the key in to and wrapped Dawn around some of it and then shoved the rest up Buffy's as... Well, I'm sure you get the idea.
(No matter how you slice this IT DOES NOT WORK, because Dawn also doesn't have Buffy's strength, nor was she even a potential, and while I'm glad she was not it screws up the theory that Dawn is simply a younger version of Buffy. But again even being a younger version of Buffy does not explain why both are supposed to be able to be key-like.)

My extreme wordiness is the main reason I didn't actually try to do this on Fandom Secrets... Well, that, and I don't care if people know it's me.
*grins* You're still the Hope I know.. ;) :P