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So, I still haven't decided exactly what this journal is going to be for me, but I just saw the pilot episode for this series and LOVED it. Therefore, I decided to post here and share my love.

WOW! Just wow!

Well, okay so I actually do have more to say than that (naturally), because there were some less than perfect elements, but overall (for me) wow does pretty much sum it up.

But first... Allow me to bitch about that stoopid wrestling crap, which apparently went over its alloted time. BOO-HISS! Seriously, I had to sit through two and a half minutes of this crap, not to mention that even after the fighting stopped the damn commentary went on and on and on and on... You get the idea. Luckily I did not have to rely on my VCR as I was able to set and watch.

Wrassling SUCKS!

Okay, now moving on:

I will confess that the actor who plays Blade did just a tad too much posing (during the fights) and overacting in other places. However, they (the powers behind Blade) may have directed the posing and overacting on purpose. Strange that it doesn't seem so weird when Snipes does it, but this guy ain't no Snipes. He's not bad, just not Snipes. Thankfully, I do believe he will settle comfortably into the role - hopefully sooner rather than later.

Side-kick boy didn't wow me much, but he has potential, and I look forward to seeing this character develope. However, I LOVE KRISTA STARR. This actress may have been born to play this character.

Thanks, alisanne.


Of course, I had several moments of worry once she was vamped, but Blade would reach her in time, right? Wrong. I held my breath as she was flung from the roof. I could not believe they were killing this character off first thing, because she was the best thing on this show! Thankfully, I stayed patient (as in not cursing the Blade PTB) and... OH JUST FREAKIN' WOW!

Here's hoping the pilot episode wasn't a fluke and they can keep up this quality and creativity week after week. I'm especially hopeful that Krista will continue to be handled this wonderfully, because sometimes a creative team will end up bungling their female character(s). But they handled her so good here that I am hopeful.

Now if you'll excuse me, I've got a persistant tick trying to make its way up my leg. First time I thought it was a spider and panicked just a tad - this time I'm ready. ;)
Hey hon. We need to talk about how to post behind a cut. LOL.

I will show you in BBC code and you can edit your post accordingly. Why a cut is good is because it won't mess up your friend's f-lists or give away spoliers.

So, to put some thing (like spoilers) behind a cut, use these brackets < where I use [ ok?

[lj-cut text="Spoilers (or whatever you want it to say)"]
then put your text that you don't want to show up in your general post in here
then end it with

Keep all the spaces as I have them, K?

You can edit your post to do that. :)
And welcome to LJ!
Thanks. But apparently I couldn't copy/paste properly. So, I matched the text color to the background color. I hope that works until I can figure out what I did wrong on the cut coding.
LOL. That works for certain backgrounds, but not all since some of us have different looks to our LJ. To see how it looks on my f-page, go to my LJ (just click on my name) and scroll through my f-list. It's several pages in, but you'll see it, and you'll see that the writing is no longer invisi since my background is colored. *g* What seems to not work with what I told you?

And nice icon, BTW. :)
Yeah, I quickly realized it wouldn't work for all backgrounds. Mainly when I looked around and thought about changing mine.

Anyway, I spent lots of time yesterday trying to figure out what I did wrong. I even checked out the FAQ. I copied the code correctly, both from you and LJ FAQ and it still would not work. I even tried just cutting off the entire last bit of that post rather than just that one paragraph and even that failed to work.

It would seem (oddly enough) that this journal just refuses to support that code, and I'm not clever enough to figure out why.

Sadly, I was (until this) considering using this journal for reviews and the like, but that won't be an option if I can't figure out how to hide spoilers.

On the icon: Thanks, I nicked it from a poster on TK who'd nicked it from myspace, I think.
*smacks self*

Okay, I really should have checked your friends page in the first place. It would have saved time and headaches.

*blushes* I was doing the code right all along, but because I couldn't tell (going by my journal) I kept taking the coding out and trying to figure out where I went wrong. LMAO.

Oh, well, at least now I know.