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The real world is apparently going to hell in a diseased handbasket, and earlier today I learn that Geocities will be closing it's doors forever. This news might not be surprising to others, but it caught me completely off guard.

There are a lot of great sites on Geocities, some that will not be recreated elsewhere because the people who built those sites are no longer around the internet. *sigh* Would it kill Geocities to leave a light on for some of the older sites that will be lost forever when Geocities closes?

Okay, fine, I accept that isn't going to happen, because Geocities has no real way of knowing who isn't around anymore and those just to lazy to move their shit. Plus it would probably cost them more money than it would be worth for them.

*sigh* I've had my fanfic hosted there for years, and even with the Yahoo! takeover I still really loved the site. Now I need to make sure all my fanfics are saved - I'm pretty sure they are, but would feel more comfortable checking cause if one wasn't saved it would be lost. Not only that but I'll need to find another service so I can once again host my fics/fanfics, I realize that some of my older ones are not always the best, but since I still get feedback (positive) on them once in awhile I'd like to keep them online.

Funny side story - I haven't updated my Geocities site in over a year, but was planning to actually update it later this year. Guess now I'll be building a new site rather than updating the old one.

I know that I do post my fanfic to different sites, but I like having a home site that keeps it all together, so I'd rather build another website and keep it all together.

Does anybody know a good free (or dirt cheap) site I could use for such a purpose?
(Yes, I know I could rebuild my website right here on LJ, and I suppose I'll do that if I have to, but I think my flist might get annoyed at the SPAMish posting of lots of entires over a real short span of time.)

PS - This isn't a hoax (like back in 2001) as near as I can tell this is really going to happen.
Ask Liza, I bet she has nothing against it to host your site on Terran's account. :)
Oops, sorry, I've got to start checking my email more regularly.

If I'd saw this sooner I might have done that, but I'm all ready working on rebuilding my site somewhere else now.