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Now I'm not one of those folks that loathe winter, I actually like it. Could have done without the ice storm, but I do actually like the cooler weather. In fact I tend to like the cooler weather better than the warmer - I'm just weird that way.

But with spring comes spring planting - some for eating, some for the pretty pretty flowers. Last weekend I finally started getting garden beds ready for planting, and I believe with the light frost that was had this week our area has seen its last frost which means it's planting time. Trouble is not all the garden beds (let alone flower pots) are ready. I've all ready started working to get them ready this weekend, and can only hope that by next week I will not just have them ready but have everything planted. It's probably wishful thinking, unless I sneak in a little work during the week.

However, it hasn't just been getting ready to plant keeping me away from the internets, I've also been struck (and hard) by fanfic ideas. So for the past week when I've had time between planting I've been staying offline working on fanfic.

I know this is annoying for those who miss me (*grins at Santaman*), but since I would like to get my current fanfics finished I find myself hoping the old fanfic urge continues, especially for one of my fanfic series' that I've been working on for over a year, and was one I thought would be at least rough draft finished by now. It is not, far from it, so, yeah, I'd like the fanfic-gasm to continue.
You evil eeeeeeeevil woman. ;) *hugs* glad to know you're okay though. :D