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Recently, I began thinking about deleting some of "my" Harry Potter avatars, especially ones I have here that I've never used. Basically, I was thinking about this because Harry Potter is over and done, and while once upon a time I was eager for Movie Six that is no longer the case. From what I've heard they've gutted the movie of anything (everything) I wanted to see. And because Book Seven sucked so hard for me I have little interest in Movie Seven, especially since from what I heard they are breaking it down into two movies. For the love of all that is Holy WHY? All this means is that Harry Potter is pretty over and done for me.
(Though I might still write an HP fic or two.)

So, I decided to log on today and check things out, and got a pleasant surprise. I have plenty of userpic space so much so that I could upload a hundred more avatars and still have a bit of space left. YAY! However, I did decide to delete some of the icons/avatars that I've never used, or can't remember using - if I haven't used them by now then I'm probably never going to.

And wouldn't you know it one of the images I want to use is to big, so I decided to just upload the base, and something went screwy I have a black image not what I tried to upload.

(PS - I'd love some Buffy icons/avatars, but the type I would like apparently aren't popular, and I really do hate bugging people into making icons/avatars for me. However, if you're feeling creative - I'd love a "Buffy/Xander/Willow" icon, a Buffy/Angel/Xander icon, and a Buffy/Spike/Xander icon.)
*whine* Hope babe where are you hiding?