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I really should, but somehow I just can't get into the proper mood, which is sad because the next (and possibly last) chapter of Xander Season One* is pretty much ready to be posted (final spell-check is all that is needed). So what's the delay? Well, it has to do with that possibly last chapter notation.

Originally, I was going to cover Xander's trip back to Sunnydale in a one-shot called "Interlude: Sunnydale," but that was back when I thought there would be a little interlude between season one and two along with one between season two and three (unless something changes season three would be the last "season"), but now I'm thinking there won't be one between season two and three, so I'm thinking it might make more sense to simply "paste" the Sunnydale interlude onto the end of season one and then just jump into season two.

I have reread the rough draft of the first chapter of Season Two again, and pasting the interlude onto the end of Season One would work as far as the beginning of Season Two is concerned. The problem is that I need to reread (and edit) the interlude before I make a decision, because while it works as far as starting the next part is concerned it might not work as well with the end of Season One and the interlude itself - it might simply feel choppy to tack it on to the ending of Season One because it was originally written as a short story and not as the final chapter of Season One, though since that is basically what it is I'm hoping that with a bit of tweaking I can make it work.

* Basically, Xander Season One is yet another fanfic where Xander doesn't return to Sunnydale from his road trip at the beginning of Season Four. It's also a crossover with CSI Las Vegas and Harry Potter.

Xander Season One is rated PG-13, and there are no pairings in Season One. BUT Xander himself will have a brush or two with slash in Season Two though he WILL NOT be infected with the gay (sorry, watching to much Rachel Maddow), Xander will remain a straight guy throughout the story/fanfic. However, there is (or will be) a male character in the fanfic that will be gay, but his ships (if any, because at the moment I don't have a ship for him let alone more than one, so he might end up just being a single gay guy) will most likely be even less explict than canon Willow/Tara was.
*Makes Hope babe post her naughty stuff on Terran.* ;)
Wellllll, Xander Season One is hardly a naughty fanfic, and while Season Two will be a bit naughtier even then most of it will be the fade to black kind.