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Well, Saturday was warm and nice so I decided that would be a good time to clean up some of the branches and limbs from the 2009 Ice Storm... Before I get to the pain, I want to say that I LOVE MY NEIGHBORS, or in this case at least one. I mentioned that the large tree that has been in our yard forever partically collapsed during the ice storm. Since it was covering a good portion of the yard, and I was a bit scared of the part that had remained standing since the tree was hallow it also needed to go.

Well, one of our neighbors came by several weeks ago, and wanted to know if he could cut up the tree for us because he wanted the firewood. Would anyone actually say no to offer like that? I didn't think so... Well, I guess unless you wanted the firewood for yourself. Anyway, he's got our front (or rather side/front) yard looking pretty good, though he isn't completely finished yet.

But there were some limbs and branches down in other places, mostly outback, which were to small for firewood. Dad got out there and sawed the bigger ones into smaller pieces so I could move them - that he missed a few wasn't know until this past Saturday.

So, Saturday as I said it was warm and nice, so I got out there and started tossing the branches into the weeds... I so totally seriously overdid it, though transplanting some wild day liles probably didn't help, since there was so many that needed moving. I wasn't even finished before I was feeling the burn, so to speak... I still have a patch of wild day lilies that need digging up and moving, but it's gonna be awhile before I get that done.

Saturday afternoon my arms had turned into noodles, and my legs weren't feeling so great either, so I laid on the couch and watched a Hogans Heros marathan, probably a bad mistake, because when I got up later to do some housework I discovered that my feet hurt. I'm not talking a slight pain here, I'm talking full-on stay on your ass or crawl on the floor hurt. Somehow I got done what needed to, and made it to bed. Thankfully, Sunday morning my feet, legs, and arms felt better, but I quickly discovered another problem...

My chest muscles, right under my boobs... OUCH! Stiff as a bored and while there wasn't a constant pain, when I coughed I cried, and I coughed quite a bit because of allergies. *sigh*

Well, today my chest is better, but when I cough I can still feel the pain. However, what is worse today is that my right arm is in some serious pain, and yet I just keep typing, though I won't tell you how long it took me to actually type this entry. Also because of the typing (at least I think so) my left wrist is starting to hurt just a tad.

I think I'm going to get drunk tonight. LOL At least if it doesn't kill the pain maybe I won't feel the pain.

PLEASE LET MY ARM FEEL BETTER TOMORROW, cause my arm pain is REALLY annoying. Since the allergies have backed off the chest pain is managable, and since it is clearly recovering on its own, I am totally focusing on making my arm recover now.

*cries* Because I still have much gardening to do, though at least most of said gardening won't happen until mid/late April, except for the seeds I need to be starting within the next couple weeks - hopefully I will be completely recovered before getting full into gardening. I also plan to start working out a bit so hopefully the next round of gardening won't hit me so damn hard.
*Hugs* feel better soon.