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WHT? Why didn't someone tell me that Bret Michaels is once again looking for "true love." I've missed a couple (five/six) episodes that I doubt they will ever rerun, though they are rerunning at least a few so by the time I see the upcoming new episode I can be a bit caught up-ish.
(If my count is right, by the time the new episode airs I will have watched three of the ones I've missed.)

Why are you people looking at me that way? Yes, I watched the first two seasons, and yes I enjoyed them - though I did miss the start of season one as well...

Side Note: What's actually disturbing here is the fact that Bret and I (keeping in mind that I am a female and NOT a rock star) have kind of the same taste in women.
(The only real difference is I ain't as into the crazy ones as he is. And also he has sent some home early on that I wouldn't have, but when it comes to the big winners...)

At the end of the first season he picked the same girl I would have, and at the end of season two he again picked the girl I would have. Though I do think if she hadn't walked away we might have ended up choosing differently (Bret and I), because I believe if Kristie (Kristy? Christie?) had stayed until the end he would have chosen her.

And, yes, I was positively stunned when Bret and Jes (Jess?) didn't work out. Admittedly I am less stunned that Bret and Ambre didn't make it, but there is still some shock. I actually believed that Ambre was mature enough to understand what exactly she was in for and that those two crazy kids might actually make it work.

Of course, during season two I started thinking that Bret actually missed his love-boat in season one. In hindsight I agree with Jes in that Heather would have been a better (the best) for Bret. Really, I think if he'd chosen Heather there probably wouldn't have been a season two let alone season three. I'm also beginning to wonder if he should have chosen Daisy at the end of season two.

Of course, by the same token it is a bit unlikely that Bret will ever find TLF in this way, but it is fun as hell to watch him try. And, okay, yes occasionally the inherent sexism of the whole thing gets to me. I.E. Bret is a pig, making those girls put up with all this crap while he just sets back and enjoys. On the other hand, Bret is a rock star, and whoever is with him would actually have to put up with that crap. So, he has a bit more of a good excuse for this crap than a lot of guys. So, Rock of Love is and remains a favored guilty pleasure of mine.
(WARNING! Clicking on the above link will send you into major SPOILER land.)
No idea what you are talking about but its an opportunity to say "hi" ;) *hugs*

As for what I'm talking about... Well, there's an old rocker from the 80s Bret Michaels lead singer from an 80s hair band called Posion started a reality show show called Rock of Love to find his one true love. I shit you not.

When the first show failed to produce true love for Bret, he did a second show, which shockingly enough has also failed to produce true love for our boy - [sarcasm]I just can't imagine why it keeps failing for him... Poor Bret.[/sarcasm]

So, now he's back for a third time, and apparently feels that changing the title and the format of the show will help him finally find his true love (LOL). The first two seasons took place in a house and were called Rock of Love and Rock of Love 2. The third takes place on tour buses and is called Rock of Love Bus.

Keeping in mind that I've only watched one episode to date, I just don't think the third time will be a charm for him. Near as I can tell the first, but especially the second season had a slightly better quality of females.

I don't know why I like watching this so much, because I do spend lots of time actually feeling sorry for those poor girls. Many (most) of them actually deserve better than Bret Michaels.

You don't have to follow the links, mostly I was just showing off my mad-html skillz.
Maybe you like watching train wrecks happen? ;)

Your mad-html skillz are teh imprezzivs!
Maybe you like watching train wrecks happen? ;)

Not usually, but that may indeed be the case in this instance. ;)