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Happy Birthday to me, happy birthday to me... Well, it isn't actually my b-day yet. It isn't actually the other folks b-days yet either. But here's how it works, I'm forgetful, so I'm cramming all the August b-days into one entry. If I try to do them on the actual days, I will end up doing some and forgetting about others, which could lead to hurt feelings - so you will all share the same entry and be happy. ;)

Happy Birthday Ya'll!

queenettefallon No, I wasn't joking, my birthday is this month!




Happy Birthday to ya'll, happy birthday to ya'll!
Thanks, hon!
Any drabble requests for your day? :)
A drabble just for me - Hmm, lets see...

Snape loses his snark and must find it before he says something nice to Harry, or worse Lupin.

Okay, it is strang request, I know. But I also recall saying that I would request something easier than dark!Harry and/or HP/LV next drabble.

Besides I think the idea of Snape running around (Austin Powers style) looking for his snark would be very funny.
LOL. You think this is easier?
I'm not sure how good I am at crack, but I'll see what I can come up with... :)

Oops, but I hope I earn points for trying. ;)

I mean I won't say I thought it would be a snap, but I did think it would be easier on you than my last request.

Plus, I've just been in the mood for funny!Snape lately, and while snarky!Snape can be funny, for some reason I kinda wanted to see Snape stupid!funny.
Here's an update on your fic. Good news: I've started it, and there is no way this will be a drabble, so you'll get a proper fic, I think. Bad news: it's not gonna be funny. I can't seem to get it to go that way, so you're getting as close as I get to angsty Snarry. Sorry!
I'll let you know when it's done. :)
Hmmm, I never thought this would turn into an angst thing, but I must confess that since you've mentioned it, I am very interested in seeing you do angsty Snarry.

Does that make me a bad person? Probably not, the bad person part probably comes from me making a challenge that has turned into a job of work for you.

So, don't worry about the lack of funny. Since I find myself eager to see "alisanne!Snarry angst" I believe I will not be disappointed by the lack of chuckles.
So, the good news? Your fic is done and can be seen either at slash_heaven or here at 100quills.
Tha bad news? It's not really angsty. But, this is me, so what were the chances? *g*
I just hope it was worth the wait. :)
And Happy Birthday!
Back atcha! :) Great month to be born.
It is!

*sigh* I'd let the ego fly, but I would probably upset those not lucky enough to be born this month if I did. ;)
*squishes* Will also attempt a drabble for you... pairing/prompt me!

*humming Happy Birthday song*
Since I know you like Neville, I was thinking. If Neville somehow (maybe through one of his muggleborn friends) got onto the internet and ran across some Neville/Snape slash - how would he react? You know, aside from the whole passing out thing. ;)

No pairing, unless you want to work one in.

*sigh* I feel kinda bad, all these drabble offers coming in, and I have nothing to give back. I just can't do drabbles or even ficlets (ficlets I used to be able to handle, but not anymore). I'm not even good to make icons. I have nothing to offer. *cries all dramatically*

Um, sorry, back to your regularly scheduled replies now. ;)