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Well, things are slowly returning to what passes for normal, then last night a set-back. My sink got stopped up - only barely related to the ice storm.

You see, during (and after) the ice storm we continued to do things - wash hands, make coffee, cook... I was trying to be really careful what I put down the drain, but I did have to wash some of the coffee pots (not to mention cooking pots with grease), and even though I tried to dump things outside before washing/rinsing them, I guess enough things (I suspect coffee grounds) got down in the U-bend to stop things up, cause last night when I went to wash dishes both sides of the sink had water standing in them.

Thankfully, I believe I have gotten them un-stopped, but now our water pressure is dropping again. I went to flush my potty earlier and couldn't do it. Back to the buckets, I suppose... But I don't like that we've lost a bit of water pressure again. *sigh*

(Also, the water never has cleared up, but I can live with that as long as the water remains flowing strong.)
I hope things will return to normal soon again. *hugs*

Me too, baby. Me too.

So, I've been all selfish recently, and haven't asked, but how are you doing?