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...and talking about it, and talking about it. SO I finally decided to just do it! I got some Christmas cash, and decided now was as good as any time.

First is the Buffy/Angel DVD collection - some time ago I announced that disc two on my Angel Season Two DVDs was messed up... *frowns* NO one offered to make me a copy of theirs, but all is forgiven, because I found Season Two for cheap (less than 10 dollars) and decided to just rebuy it. Obviously it is used, but all I need is for disc two to work properly, so even if that is the only disc in the set that works I'll still be happy. On the other hand, if that disc two is messed up my wrath shall be terrible.

And despite the fact that I'm almost afraid watching Buffy's season five will screw me up on a fanfic I'm working on I decided to go ahead and get it. Mostly because while I loathe the overall story of season five (IT DOESN'T MAKE SENSE! Yes, I know I've said it before, but for me it bears repeating) I realized that there were some secondary stories in season five that I would actually like to see again.

So, my Buffy DVD collection will be complete (as soon as my order arrives anyway), but alas my Angel collection still will not be complete, since I had to rebuy season two, even if it was cheap, I decided to hold off on getting Angel's Season Three, which I couldn't find as cheap...

Still I know one day I will get season three, because while I can remember some things about season three (Angel/Cordy GAG!, Connor, and so forth) a few months ago I watched some season three on TNT and realized that while I can remember some of the bigger stuff, I didn't actually remember any of the three (THREE!) episodes I watched on the TNT reruns.
(I knew I didn't like season three, but apparently I disliked it so much that I managed to put most of it completely out of my head. Strangely the three episodes I watched were actually good, so I don't know why I forgot them.)

The reason I didn't go on and get Angel's season three was because I decided to start reading the comics (Ordered the first 15 of Buffy and the first 10 - at least I think ten - of Angel). I admit that the idea of reading the comics doesn't exactly fill me with excitement... Still even though I'm pretty sure I can guess the ultimate ending of both comics (The end of magic, cause I read somewhere that Whedon wanted to use the comics to connect Buffy/Angel to Fray, which leaves me with a big "who cares"), I decided based on some of the spoilers I've read it would at least be mildly interesting to read the comics.
One big SPOILER for Angel drew me in - I'll give a hint it is about a character death. What drew me in for Buffy was that some of the reviews hint about some Dracula/Xander stuff, nothing overt, but since I have a soft spot for D/X I decided what the hell. Still unless there is a twist coming that I don't see (at the moment) I'll probably never consider the comics canon, because I just didn't care for Fray or her Verse so I'll always believe that the FrayVerse is only a possible future of the BuffyVerse, and not the actual future.

Oops, got a bit ranty and I didn't intend to... My original intent was just to comment on why I kept holding off reading the comics, and that is basically because I really just don't like/can't get into stories told in comic format. I've tried, I've got some vampire comics, as well as some Star Wars comics (and I've probably read others, but those two are the only ones in my comic collection currently). So I long ago discovered that I'd rather read stories in novel format, alas Whedon has chosen the comic format so if I wanna know I've got to read the comics.
You always rant a bit here and there on LJ. ;) nothing bad about it. ;)

I know, but sometimes I like to think I'm not a complete rant-girl.


Oh I very well know that you're not a rant chick. ;)

*poke poke* Hey are you still around? if so then visit Terran, thats an order. ;)
See my most recent LJ entry. ;)