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Thought I'd make an entry before Santaman started missing me this time.

Overall life is good - today I got all my Christmas shopping done. YAY!

Of course, the week didn't start off great - actually it started fine, but my television started acting wonky Saturday night, which I thought meant the televsion itself was going bad. Not good, because while the last time we bought a TV they were pretty cheap - they certainly aren't anymore. To get a good-sized screen these days you pretty much have to spend at over two hundred bucks (YIKES!)
(I know the last one we bought was getting close to two, but it was less than.)

Well, turns out it isn't the television (YAY!), nor is it (thankfully) the satelite receiver (DVR) (because the other TV hooked to the SR/DVR plays fine) - it is one (of what really looks like a million) cord that is bad. I figured this out because when I use the DVD/VCR (which is hooked up ONLY to the TV) the picture is as good as it ever was. So, TV good = me happy!

So, I turned my attention to cords I thought I'd figured out which cord and today when I was Christmas shopping I picked one up... Turns out that little bitty cord is fine (seriously that cord was about three inches long) it is one of the bigger (probably a six foot or more cord) ones that is bad.

I believe it is the cord that connects the satelite to the TV - the funny (NOT) thing is that I started to buy that cord in addition to the one I picked up but in the end I didn't because I was SO sure I was right about which cord was going bad. So, now I either have to drive another thirty miles (round trip) to buy yet another cord (boy would I pissed if it turned out not to have been either of them) or wait until Saturday for a service call - that was the soonest they could get here.

*sigh* I also haven't even started on Christmas cards, which always takes time - mostly cause I like to include personal messages in them, but people may just a card that is signed from me this year. One of these years I am going to get my act together when it comes to Chrismas cards and start sending them out on Dec. 1st.

Still despite all that, things are going pretty good.
(Though this is why I'd never even try to include one of those "How we are" notes with my Christmas cards - I'm a ranter.)
I was indeed very close to e-mailing you again. ;)

I'm glad you're doing well. :D *hugs & smooch*