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Okay, the first bail-out on this I let go, though I was very much pissed about the way this company handled themselves after that first bail-out. But, okay, everyone makes mistakes... Then they got a second bail-out, and what do they do with it? Screw it up just as badly as they did the first time. It would be funny if it wasn't so very sad.

Now AIG is asking for a third bail-out - I said after the second screw-up with this company that this company should be watched closely, because I suspect these are the type of people who when they need to buy a pencil they pick the pencil that cost one dollar rather than buying the pack of ten pencils for a dollar. They seem that stupid to me!

That's right, AIG can't even be trusted with the buying of pencils, so why do we keep shelling out big bucks to this company without installing some sort of oversight? Seriously, they themselves have proven that they cannot be trusted with money, therefore I don't believe they should be "given" anymore unless they have to get outside approval for all their spending.

You know the saying - fool me once... I don't care how big (important) this company is but they should not be given another dime without having someone standing over their shoulder to make sure they don't screw it up yet again.
Give me the money, I at least will spend it on stuff thats worth it. ;)

As for the rest, you need to visit Terran, LOTW returned. :)

Oh and *hugs* :)