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So, I talked about Sarah Palin in my last entry which was made while I was somewhat in rant-mode, so I thought I should come back and say that while Sarah Palin is a part of the reason I'm not voting John McCain, mostly John McCain is the reason I'm not voting McCain/Palin.

As most know I wasn't planning to vote McCain before the addition of Sarah Palin to the ticket, which meant she couldn't be the only reason I'm not voting McCain/Palin. She only insured that I'd never vote the GOP ticket.

Mostly the reason I couldn't vote McCain is because he really has failed to stick to his guns. In a perhaps weird twist, I can't vote McCain because I actually know so much about him/his record. If the McCain of 2000 were in the race, perhaps I could, but I personally feel the McCain of 2000 was dead before the 2008 season really started.
(I think 2000McCain was gone by 2004.)

Back in 2000/2002(ish) the label of maverick did seem to fit him, but then something changed and he jumped whole hog onto the Bush-Express, so much so that he's voted (or promised to vote) against himself. Which just leaves me stunned every time I think about it. That and the way he has conducted his campaign (all the Bush-style tactics) just makes him seem even more unreliable to me than he was before he actually got the nomination.

Make no mistake, I do have a tremendous amount of respect for the things that happened to John McCain in service to this country, but I cannot vote for him based on that alone. Personally, I find it a bit silly that anyone would vote for McCain simply because he served in the military/was a POW. And, yes, I've heard people say that is the ONLY reason they're voting for him. I can respect him for his service and the things he suffered in that service, but there's no way I could vote for him solely because of that.

My problem is that at the end of the day I just can't trust that John McCain would honestly be that different from George Bush. Maybe he would do some things differently, but there's a world of doubt (for me) that he actually would. To be perfectly honest, there are times when I fear John McCain might end up being worse than George W. Bush. *shiver*

Finally, to the "pun-dents" (as if any are actually reading this)...

Why are you still debating whether or not Sarah Palin helped/hurt John McCain? I think it is clear that she's done both. It was clear that the "base" was not thrilled to have McCain as their front-man, and without the "base" he wasn't even a contender, meaning he needed that "base." Guess what happened? Guess? When he picked Sarah Palin he also picked up a large part of said "base." So, on that score - Mission Accomplished.

Of course, it is just as clear that she's not real appealing to those outside the "base," so she is giving him a bit of trouble on that score, and he does need to pick up more than a few outside-the-base voters. Can he pick them up despite Sarah Palin? Possibly, but to do so he really needs to stop talking about Barack Obama and start telling US what John McCain will and will not do as POTUS.

(And if John McCain really does know how to "get" ObL - he should be arrested for treason! Yes, I said it! He claims he knows how to "git him," but seems to imply that if we don't elect him POTUS he's going to take his knowledge (toys) and go home. Look, if you really do know how just tell your good buddy George - at least then he [Bush] could come out of the closet and openly support you!)
Ew politics ;)
Well, here in the US it is all the rage these days. ;)
So I heard. ;) all well with you? *hugs*
Yeah, I'm having a bit of a problem with allergies or a head cold, but otherwise doing pretty good.