So today my dog is having some of her teeth pulled and then the ones remaining will be cleaned. Hey, I never said it was major surgery, though apparently every time a dog goes under there is a chance they won't come back, add to that the fact that my baby is eight years old (she is starting to get large patches of gray hair - I think it looks adorable), and things are less assured. However, I am assuming that no news is good news, because when I took her this morning they did say they would call if there was a problem.

I had thought about trying to brush her teeth before, but she isn't exactly a big fan, and so I bought those so-called teeth cleaning treats and hoped for the best. Well, the best is a few very loose teeth, and the ones that aren't loose are nasty. Of course, I admit I didn't always give them once a month (as instructed) either so it may be more that I failed rather than the treats failing, because the ones for the cat apparently work great, because her teeth are still pearly and white, and while I might be able to start brushing my dogs teeth, the cat simply would not sit still for that.
(I've had both the cat and the dog for pretty much the same amount of time, though I have had the cat about two weeks longer. So how have things go so well for one, and to hell in a handbasket for another I may never know.)

Anyway, in a few hours I'll be able to go pick my pooch up and bring her home, unless I do get called about a problem, and even if I don't, I'll probably call them before driving out there just to be sure. No sense wasting gas if she does end up having to spend the night.
(The good news is that she should at this time all ready be out of surgery, so again with the whole no news is good news thing.)

For the past three weeks, since I've known about the problem, I've been thinking about teeth cleaning for dogs, and they say there is something that I can mix with her water if I can't brush her teeth, but even that could be a problem because I didn't know if it would be safe for a cat, and the kitty likes to drink the dogs water. They're like toddlers, she does it just to tick the dog off, which means anything I'd add to my dogs water would have to be cat safe.