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So, it's been around two months since my LJ post. I knew (thanks to Santaman) that it had been awhile but I didn't quite realize it had been this long. I haven't checked my friends page in about that long, as well.

Part of the reason is of course the fanfic(s) I've been working on, but during August I could have dropped in for a post because I got a bit stuck on the chapter I was working on, but I was also trying to do some house cleaning, some gardening, then fighting allergies, which to be honest I'm still fighting.

Anyway, I do shockingly have something to say, and I'm hoping someone (anyone) will be willing and able to help me. *coughs*

It has something to do with my last LJ entry oddly enough. I mentioned that I'd went back and watched season five of Angel. Well, I decided to push futher, and ended up watching season one. Good so far, then I started season two, and two of the episodes on Disc Two are messed up (Dear Boy and The Shroud of Rahmon, which is very strange because that whole disc played just fine on my old DVD player, but they get stuck at key points on my new one (I know this because they are two of my favorite episodes, so I know I watched them before with no problems). This is what I really hate about this whole DVD thing - you have to buy the whole season, but I don't need the whole season I just need a replacement for Disc Two.
(And it is far to late for me to return the set to the place I bought them, so unless someone can help me I'm stuck with either having to buy the whole of season two again or just accept that I'll never be able to watch two of my favorite episodes.)

Seriously I'd be just as happy if I could get these episodes on VHS, because I just hate the idea that I might have to buy the whole freakin season two again.

(This bummed me so bad that I haven't went back to watch the rest of Season Two, mostly because I'm afraid I'm going to find other flaws that weren't there when I originally bought and watched.)
Heeey! Long time no see! <3
I watched Angel for the first time this summer)))) And it unexpectedly ended up on the list of my top fav tv-shows. XDD

As for Angel, I will admit that I never loved it like I did Buffy (or at least early Buffy), but I do think Angel was a consistantly better show than Buffy, if that makes sense. ;)
YAY! I'll nag more often. ;) btw, go visit Terran, you'll be surprised.. ;)
HEHE! Old nag. ;) :p

I finally got to Terran today - it looks nice. Different, but nice. Won't know more until I post, and I'm trying to get some other stuff done today, but maybe I'll post something tomorrow.