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So, as most everyone here knows I started a "little" fanfic called Consequences awhile back. I was making good progress, almost finished with the posting of Part Three, but now my progress has slowed a bit. Mostly because I realized that I needed to watch some season six episodes again just to make sure I was getting things right, because in some ways (at least in my own head) Consequences is something of a direct continuation of Season Six.

Of course, I went back only intending to watch a few choice episodes of six (After Life, Once More..., Tabula Rosa - this last one mostly just cause I loved it!) Well, that didn't last long, after the first round I went back and watched season six in order. That would have been fine and good if I'd stopped there, but I didn't. Because for some weird reason after I watched season six of Buffy I found myself wanting to watch season five of Angel. Not really sure why because season five of Angel (actually all of Angel) has very little to do with Consequences.

Still I was okay and un-distracted, though one night I decided to pop in some season four of Buffy, mostly because I felt like I was starting to lose touch with un-souled Spike after watching Angel's season five (and in Consequences Spike doesn't have a soul). I chose season four instead of two or three because while Spike has been chipped in four he is still "true" (for lack of a better word) Spike.

That's when it started to happen. Ideas for other fanfic were creeping in on me, which is very bad because there is still so much of Consequences left to do. However, instead of working on the last Chapter of Part Three today, I suspect I'm going to end up starting yet another fanfic because there is this post-Chosen, but not post-Not Fade Away idea that just won't go away! This would kinda tie in/off what I know of the comics, which granted isn't much since I'm not actually reading those.

*sigh* I still really hate the way BOTH Buffy and Angel ended - I will go into a bit of why I hate the way Buffy ended in just a bit, but for Angel I admit that my reasons for disliking are still vague even in my own head.
Angel: Sure, I'll just challenge the Senior Partners and nothing will go wrong with that plan. Trust me, you'll see.
*Team Angel nods stupidly*

I think what's worse is that NONE of the characters even bothered to point out (or even seemingly think) that while the idea of challenging the Senior Partners seems cool there is every reason to believe that the SPs will seek revenge, and not just against Team Angel. But Team Angel acts like they've completely forgotten that the Senior Partners are powerful and evil - powerfully evil. Way to dumb every thing and every one down Whedon!

But I didn't stop after the choice Buffy season four episodes, and I really should have - I knew it then and I certainly know it now. Instead I found myself almost unable not to watch Buffy's season seven.

The funny thing is that as I first started watching I found myself actually thinking that Season Seven wasn't near as bad as I'd remembered it being. Okay, yes, the Willow returns episode is still deeply inane, and Buffy going after Anya with a sword still deeply stupid. Of course, the Willow episode is saved a bit by some Willow/Anya goodness along with the major Buffy/Willow goodness. ;) And despite the crap the Anya episode tries to sell, I still maintain that Buffy wasn't actually trying to kill Anya, because she took a sword to a necklace fight, and she never made one move to actually take the necklace. ;)

But I do finally get why so many people thought/think early season seven is good, because I even agree with those people now. However, that completely falls apart in Get It Done, and season seven completely went off track at that point.

I think I get what they were trying to do/show with Buffy going all "bitch, please" on everyone, but it was rather uncalled for, except actually with Spike. I mean, okay, yes Willow was holding back a bit with the magic, but hey I think everyone except apparently Team Whedon could see that she had some pretty good reasons for holding back. But even then it wasn't like she wasn't using magic at all. Either the previous episode or the one before that she used magic to help Buffy take out the uberVamp.

Then there's Anya, who Buffy herself invited over because she didn't want any of her friends in danger. So, okay, they were all depending on Buffy to save them, but that's kinda Buffy's own fault. So, what the hell? I mean after this we are supposed to be pissed when they kick her out - I think not!

But it's more than that - in this episode we are shown point blank that Buffy believes the making of a Slayer was akin to rape. Now I'm not saying I disagree with her, but what does she end up doing? That's right, she rapes even more girls later on than the shadow men did. And, okay, that wouldn't have been so bad if all the Potentials were in Sunnydale and agreed with Buffy's actually useless* plan. Can't rape the willing and all that, but we are shown/told in Chosen itself that Slayers are awaking all over the world. Whoops, because none of those outside Sunnydale actually agreed with the plan, so basically Buffy did to them what she always hated having been done to her. Way to be, Buffy, way to be!

* Yes, useless, because of the amulet stuff there ends up being no real reason for making every potential on Earth a Slayer in the first place. Did making them all Slayers stop the First? No. Did making them all Slayers close the Hellmouth? No. Did making them all Slayers save the world? No. Really all making them Slayers done in my opinion (or should have done) was upset the balance between good and evil, and we were beat in the head numerous times that in the BuffyVerse it wasn't about good or evil it was about maintaining the balance between them.

And, of course, there is the little matter of Dana from Angel - nobody could have foreseen my ass, plenty of people outside of Team Whedon did. Obviously Team Whedon didn't see the post-Chosen discussions, but I did. Just because they might end up stronger for it doesn't actually make what Buffy done to them right, and Buffy (as well as Team Whedon) used to know that.

So it ends up looking like Buffy made a selfish choice because she simply didn't want to be the only one anymore, which really just kills the message I think Team Whedon was actually trying to send.

Of course, since I still haven't figured out that whole "Buffy won't chose you" bullshit, I can't say I'm actually certain what message Team Whedon might have been trying to send in the first place.
Of course, I still say that was the First and not Joyce, because whatever was trying to stop "Joyce" from coming through could clearly touch Dawn, but Joyce was the one who didn't touch Dawn, so maybe it doesn't matter - except from the impression I get Team Whedon seems to really believe it was Joyce talking to Dawn and not the First.
You know, I never thought about it this way. My take on it has always been that Buffy only compared it to rape when she was feeling down, and that she didn't actually believe that. Also, Buffy new what they were up against. Yes, she pushed every one very hard, but she had a reason, and I do think they were out of line to kick her out.

Oh well, that is what makes Buffy such a great show. There are all different views, and you can see lots of different things in it.
I didn't say whether them kicking her out was right ot wrong - I just said that after her BS in Get It Done that I couldn't work up any sympathy for her when it happened. Actually, by this point (then and now) I was pretty much hating the writers, because the moment Buffy turned down the extra power was the exact moment that the battle should have been lost, instead the writers just pull some BS out of their asses and Buffy saves the day, except in the end she really doesn't.
(I think that's what really gets me - Buffy turns down that power because she sees it as a violation (aka rape), but then in the end she does to others what she fought being done to her - hello, mixed message.)

The fact of the matter is them kicking her out made zero sense to begin with, but there's a whole lot in and after Get It Done that doesn't make sense. Obviously, in this episode we're told that the First is in remission (what ever the hell that means), but then we're shown at the end of the episode that there's a whole freakin' army of uberVamps ready and waiting.

It is a cool shot, but in the end just makes the First look stupid. Instead of going into "remission" the First should have opened the door and let them all out, or just pulled a dozen or so through. I mean, sure, Buffy killed one of them, but it took her several tries to do that. So, if I was this bad guy I would have opened the door and unleashed hell. Funny thing is that this would have also made Buffy's decision to make all the Potentials Slayers a much better decision. Of course, that also means it would have had to happen earlier in the season instead of as the "big finish."

Sadly, there was never a good reason given for the First not doing this, especially since it never makes another attempt to bring an uberVamp forth.
(It can be fanwanked, sure, but TeamWhedon never presented a good reason for the First not doing this.)

But getting back to the kicking of Buffy out - in the episode before that we have Xander (and her close friends) going on about how cool Buffy is and how lucky everyone is to have her. Then the next episode every one is lined up with the Potentials to kick her out. At the time I really thought the First had fucked with them all (or at least her friends, the Potentials were kinda whiny and sucky the whole time), because that was the only thing that made sense, but turns out - no that's not what happened, and so that whole thing turns into a big WTF?.

PS - After hitting submit and then reading over what I wrote, I thought I should mention that I wasn't ranting on you personally, just ranting about Buffy, because some of the end-game of season seven still has the power to really tick me off.
(And I didn't even go into Giles and his BS decision to kill Spike - again I sort of get what TeamWhedon was going for with Giles making this decision, but in the end it just doesn't really makes sense. Of course, the character of Giles really stopped making sense at the beginning of season six, so that might be why the Giles stuff in season seven doesn't get me going like other things.)

Edited at 2008-06-26 07:47 pm (UTC)
Hey, good to see you, I've missed you, *Big hug^snuggle*