I think a certain show might be begging for the slashers to get busy slashing. *grin*

I've been watching Moonlight since the beginning, and I admit that I wasn't really in love with it. However, before the writers strike this show had (for me) turned into must see TV, and the first episode since the strike hasn't changed my mind.

As a matter of fact The Mortal Cure gave me an idea for a fanfic, though it will be a crossover (a small part of Consequences), and not actually slashy this time around.

Here's the fun thing, I did not expect to like (let alone love) this episode what with...

Spoilers for The Mortal Cure

I did not expect to like (let alone love) this episode what with Mick being human and all. He was made temporarily human at the end of The Mortal Cure. But I have to admit that Mick the human wasn't quite as bad as I was expecting.

Spoilers for Fated to Pretend

As a matter of fact they handled it so well that I started to find myself hoping Mick might stay human for a couple more episodes.

And this is where we come to the PTB of Moonlight practically begging for fanfic (of the slashy kind). If you watched the episode then you know of which scene I am speaking - the one between Mick and Josef... *drools* It was probably even better because of the emotional stuff going on between them, but I admit all I could see (first time around) was the slash potential. ;)

SPOILERS for Fated to Pretend

I was actually impressed that Mick didn't turn Josh - that is typically what happens on a vampire show. The vampire knows better but the human doesn't want their friend/lover/whatever to die. So the vampire turns the human and the human who made the request figures out that it was a mistake.

Moonlight didn't go the typical route here. Yes, Beth begged Mick to turn Josh, and even got really pissed when he didn't. That is typical, but also realistic. Well, in this case Mick simply outright refused, and Beth wasn't able to change his mind. What usually happens is the human does change the vampires mind and then the whole thing blows up in everyone's face, but Moonlight didn't take that route.

(Though I would have also been impressed if Mick had turned Josh, and it turned out that Josh was the better vampire, so to speak - mostly because I've never seen that happen, because every time a show has gone this route it is always painted as a mistake, so, yeah, I wouldn't mind seeing this happen.)

So, I was expecting Beth and Mick to be on the outs for many more episodes. That's why I was surprised (and pleased) when the writers after giving Beth some time to calm down and think things through allowed her to realize that Mick was right - without going through the typical only realizing the vampire was right after the person had been turned.

No, I'm not a Mick/Beth shipper - don't hate it, but don't love it either - it just is. I think weirdly enough I like Mick/Coraline better even though their love isn't good for either one of them. So, yeah, I know M/C can't/won't happen, but every time they put Mick and Coraline onscreen together I find myself not caring about the fact that it couldn't possibly work out between them. So, yes, I do like M/C better than M/B, but at the moment I don't hate M/B either.
Sure, I would love a Mick/Beth/Coraline threesome! And, yes, one episode (before the strike) had me thinking about some hot Beth/Coraline lovin, so I though I'd mention that just in case anyone was wondering. Or you could make me very happy and make it a foursome by including my beloved Josef. ;)

Anyway, I find myself hoping that the PTB won't draw the M/B romance (or potential romance) out forever either. I really get tired of the whole bullshit "will they? won't they?" thing. After awhile (usually sooner rather than later) I start hoping they won't and then start really hating on the pairing (or potential pairing).

Anyway, what gets me is that I admit I didn't care about seeing a vampire become human - of course, I get tired of brooding vamp thing as well, but when said vamp becomes human I'm usually bored, which is why I think I like Josef (and Spike as well as all other proud to be vamps) so much. So, I was pretty much expecting to be bored with a human Mick, and that's where the crafty writers of this show get some mad props, because just before the slash scene *cough* they had me hoping that Mick might stay human for a bit longer than one episode.

Then the slash happened, and while I was a bit disappointed that human Mick didn't last longer... Well, let me tell you that I would not trade the scene they showed me for all the human Micks in the universe! *drools*

I'm totally ignoring the fact that Mick cried just a little bit during the whole thing. *grin* Except when I'm not, because the tears were totally in character, and the slasher in me can pretend they were happy tears instead of what they actually were.

There is a downside here, or at least a potential downside. I find myself hoping that we won't go directly back into Mick wanting to be human again, because he's both been there and done that, and while he did like (mostly) being human he also of his own free will gave the whole thing up to become a vampire again.

*sigh* I hate it when shows do that - they'll write an episode where a character basically learns something, and then it is entirely forgotten in the next episode. Still I am hopeful(ish) that this won't be the case with Mick, because it was clear at the end of the episode that Mick wasn't entirely upset about being a vampire again.