So, I've recently finished another crossover story (Sex, Lies, and Alternate Universes), and I decided to use my journal to pimp it!

Warnings: Het, slash (lesbian & gay), threesomes (m/f/m & f/m/f), Character Death, language, violence, horror
Secondary warnings: BDSM - The story does take us to Narcissus in Chains which is that kind of club. If it helps, I don't describe things as graphically as the book does.
Take heart, aside from the language, horror, and violence nothing else is truly graphic.

Sex, Lies, and Alternate Universes by Emma Love (aka queenettefallon)
Rated R (or FR18) - Completed
Summary: Buffy, Xander, and Willow are forced to make some hard choices. Choices which will change everything and affect two different worlds.

Now I'm free to get serious with this new crossover my muse made me start. This one feels like it may be one of my longest stories to date. So, maybe while working on it, I'll get some of the shorter to-do stories finished, as well.

Someday I believe there will be a sequel to Sex, Lies, and Alternate Universes, but I wouldn't expect it until next year, if not longer.