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Lets just say the lawsuit action Team Rowling has got going against RDR is bringing everyone to the yard:

Rice fully supports Vander Ark's use of Rowling's material.

Just take a moment to marvel at that before clicking the link and reading the article. Now in case you don't understand why I want you to marvel at Rice supporting Steve/RDR, I'll steal from the article:

//The general "tone" of the internet is Rice's main enemy in this broadside, and even though she fully supports Vander Ark's use of Rowling's material, she's not as kind to her own fans: "I do not allow fan fiction. The characters are copyrighted. It upsets me terribly to even think about fan fiction with my characters...It is absolutely essential that you respect my wishes."//

You see? You see! Rice herself can be a control freak, but for Rowling (or presumably anyone else) to be that way is not allowed. I couldn't control myself I literally LOLed.

This is just like those hypocritical authors out there who don't allow fanfic written about their own stuff but then go out and write their own fanfic with other people's characters/universe. No, I am not naming names, but I know for a fact there is at least one (admittedly young) author who I've seen do this very thing.
(Made my ass hurt, it did. So, at least Rice isn't against fanfic but then out plundering someone elses.)

(Oh, and just for fun: JK Rowling Is Wrong, while I do support Rowling, I must admit that this article made me think about the whole things, because there are some very valid points made.)
There actually are authors who do such a thing? Unbelievable...

Did you read Dawn's response on Rice's comment, by the way?
(No, I hadn't read Dawn's stuff - totally missed that link somehow. Anyway, I am reading over it now.)

*grins* As for Anne Rice, I must admit that I don't actually respect her wishes on fanfic. I have several VC fanfics tucked away, obviously I keep them offline because I don't feel like dealing with her crazy, but I have shown them to a couple to people offline. But unless Rice can invent something which will somehow control my thoughts, as far as I'm concerned her story ended (for me) after Tale of the Body Thief, but Lestat and company live on - in my head, with none of this vampires can't really come together and stay together bullcrap, which would be easier if I ignored Tale as well, but I actually liked it - sue me.

To be honest, though I actually like knowing which authors are neutral/okay with fanfic and those who aren't, because Rice snuck under my radar. I started reading her before I knew... Okay, I started reading her before there was an internet... Well, they may have been an internet, but it was available to everyone at the time I started reading her, and I've found that it sucks, because no matter what because I've read the books the characters and universe are in my head now.

At least now (thankfully) I generally know if an author is against fanfic before picking up the book, and if I don't know - I check the internet before purchasing. So in this day and age it is easy enough to avoid those who are against fanfic, because as with Rice I've found the worst thing (for me) about the whole thing is that after reading their stuff I find (or could) myself with a super awesome idea but can't do it.
(Or I can, but I can't really share it with folks on a large scale, or use it for a crossover. So, these days I don't even reread AR's stuff, even the stuff I feel is good. Best get it all completely out of my head - the bad goes easier than the good.)

So I avoid those works which are written by those who are against fanfic, or those with very strict rules regarding fanfic. I mean, I admit, I don't know the rules, but no doubt whatever idea I might would come up with would break them, so I save myself the headaches and just don't bother reading those works.

PS - As for the author against fanfic and yet writes it... Believe it or not I'd love to name names, just to see how people on a large scale would react. However, I don't honestly know if the author in question still writes fanfic, so I spare myself the headache of backlash just in case the author in question no longer does it.
I do know said author is still against fanfic for their stuff, but I can't say if they write fanfic for others works any longer.

Edited at 2008-04-25 07:29 pm (UTC)
I realize by the date of this journal entry that I'm ridiculously late to the party, but while googling I came across your post and couldn't help but agree with you. Dear god Anne Rice is a psycho.

...and her ban on fanfiction annoys the hell out of me.
*grins* That's why I have email notifications turned on. Of course, unless you do too you may never see this.

Anyway, I admit that I don't think about Anne Rice all that much - I liked her early vampire books, and even her early witch books weren't horrible, but I think many times she would better serve herself (and her interests) by remaining silent.

Going by how quiet it's been on the Rice front for awhile, I'd say maybe she's figured that out. <- I say that and tomorrow there'll be some big blow-up.

As for the fanfic aspect, as I said in a reply above, I will literally NOT read authors that don't allow fanfic, unless I was all ready reading them before they came out against it, as was the case with Rice, but that's why I'll never read her new stuff.
For the record, I have found Vampire Chronicles fanfic still online, but it may be down by now cause it's been over a year since I looked up fanfic for that stuff. But my point is that she can ban it from the larger more well known fanfic archives, but she'll probably never be able to get it off the net entirely.

Sadly, for those authors against fanfic, I know that if I read their stories I'd end up with an idea for a fanfic begging to be written based on them - so when I know an author doesn't allow fanfic I just spare myself the annoyance and skip their works.

Edited at 2010-02-14 01:22 am (UTC)