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This is a rant! Basically I am mad as hell, but don't have any choice but to take it more. So, I'm going to do as thousands (millions?) have done before me, and use my LJ to be bitchy, wanky, ranty, etcs.

However, before I start I just want to explain to the yahoos running for President exactly how to get my vote, because for once in my life I'm truly undecided. I'm not in love with either one of them, but they both have their good points - obviously JM isn't in the running, because I'm not sure I could get past the mountain of other issues I have with him, but it is possible, I'm just not sure I'd believe him even if he said he'd do it.
At the moment, there is only one thing that I truly deeply care about, so you want my vote? Promise me (and mean it!) that when you are elected that you will (to the best of your ability) f[bleep] the oil companies for as long and as hard as they've been f[bleep]ing America. It was bad enough when gas went to over two dollars - now it is over three, and there is no f[bleep]ing excuse for that, especially since the oil companies are making out of control profits!

How is it that no one in a position to do anything about this has a f[bleep]ing clue? Wait, oil man in the White House - never mind! Honestly, instead of sending out these rebates (which I'm not knocking by the way) to stimulate the economy what needs to be done to truly make a difference is to stop the greedy robber barrens of the 21st Century! And, yes, I am saying that big oil = robber barrens. Shoe fits!

Listen I have no issue what so ever with a company (any company) making a profit, but this has gotten totally out of hand, because high gas prices are forcing other prices to rise - it is a seemingly (at the moment) endless cycle. And that is what is destroying the economy, and if it isn't stopped America itself. So, congrats you greedy b@$t@rd$ - where the terrorists have failed you are stepping in and succeeding quite nicely, and also a bit more subtly.

I'm not claiming to be the first (or only) person to put all this together. There are tons of people who know this, but it seems the President and his people can't figure it out, nor does the media seem to be able to wrap their heads around such a radical concept. Honestly, this isn't even close to rocket science, hell, I failed algebra and I've figured it out, so it can't be that hard. So how is it that so many of the so-called smarter people in this country are so completely stumped about what is killing our economy? Has big oil bought them off? They could certainly afford to.

It is clear now that those oil/robber barrens are too damn greedy to stop gouging prices, and no I'm not talking about gas stations - I'm talking oil companies themselves - they are the real enemy here.

Here's the deal, the people in charge of this nation are sending out rebates, and they are needed, but this rebate isn't even a drop in the bucket nor is it going to make a noticeable impact, unless something is done to stop big oil first! I mean, I am thrilled that our government realizes there is a problem and are trying to do something to help, but their either on the wrong track or thinking completely in the short term, and a very short term at that.

So, I'm going to explain this for those so-called smart people. We get the money, so now we are supposed to spend it on products and/or services, right? Presumably you'd like us to spend this on something other than gas, because oil companies are the ones causing this mess, and clearly they have no plans to help fix it. Instead they are continuing to do as much possible damage to America as they can.

Now here's the catch - to buy shinny things we have to get to the store, unless buying over the internet, but despite how much I (and others) do that, lets face it internet shopping isn't the main way people shop. And lets face it even internet prices are rising because of... You guessed it! Shipping charges, and guess why those are rising? *sigh* Because the oil companies keep raising raising the price of gas.

Sorry to my readers who got that, but I want to be clear for all those so-called smart people who've shown time and again they are going to miss the point unless they are smacked in the head with it.

So either way - I'd be willing to bet that at least half (if not more) of that rebate will end up in the hands of big oil. Unless people decided to either save the money, or use it to pay off bills (CC bills, for example) - that is probably the only real way to keep the money from going to big oil.

So I want one of two things from the person I am going to vote for:

Number One: And there's a reason this is number one - Promise me (and mean it!) that when you are elected that you will (to the best of your ability) f[bleep] the oil companies for as long and as hard as they've been f[bleep]ing the American people. I don't care how you do it, but I want them feeling the same pinch they've been causing America to feel for years.

Get a baseball bat and... Well, I'm trying to keep this PGish! So, lets go with something like a fine, a BIG fine! There are so many things you could do with their money.
A: Use the money to get Universal Health Care going, that way at least America will get something back from them.
B: Use the money to pay America's debts.
C: Use the money to find solutions to global warming.
D: The list goes on!

Number Two: Get me an electric car... NO, I don't want no stinking hybrid - IF this is the way we must go then I want a fully electric car that requires no gas what so ever! I'm tired of giving big oil my money!

So, if you want my vote, that is what you need to do. And, hey, doing/planning this is probably a sure fire way to win the big election by a landslide! I'm fairly certain even the rich Republicans aren't enjoying the f[bleep]ing they are getting at the pump. I mean there is a reason they got rich, and I'm almost certain it isn't because they spent all their money on gas.

About the link - Sorry, I was looking for one that explain what a robber barren was, not who they are/were, but it was the best I could find on short notice.
Hehe. I love it when people rant like this. Personally, I'm only half with you, but I love the way you aren't afraid of stating what you think.

Having lived in Europe where the gas is so much more expensive, the prices here don't really bother me so much. I do think someone needs to take the oil companies down a peg, but it is a worldwide problem, not just here. Plus, there really is an oil shortage. It isn't entirely their fault. Something does need to be done, though.

I'm rather unddecided too. For me, it is between Clinton and McCain since I really don't like Obama. I don't really like any of them, though. I'll probably end up voting for McCain not because I like him more but because of the Supreme Court. It has pretty much come down to that for me since none of the candidates stand out enough.
Well, I admit that I used to be more excitable, these days it takes a bit more to get me going, but once I get going... Well, it isn't often pretty.

This rant has been brewing since gas went over three dollars a gallon... Then it got to three and a half, and I felt myself gear up, because I knew it was gonna happen.


There's two reasons I finally broke:

1. For two days in a row now I've had conversations offline about this topic, and everyone is wondering why this isn't considered news worthy. You know - Oil companies screw America - film at eleven.

2. Gas went over three and a half dollars a gallon - I was mad enough when it was three and a half, but now it is creeping above and beyond that! Oh, hell no!

Something has got to be done, the truly sad thing is that I could understand if over three and half for a gallon was the only way to make a profit, but it is not.

Oil companies continue to post not just profit, but outrageous profits every time we turn around. Honestly, they could lower the price of gas a whole dollar and still make a profit, and that is why I'm mad as hell!

Edited at 2008-04-18 10:54 pm (UTC)
Heh yes. The prices are terribly high! (I live in Europe) It might be true that the reserves are beginning to run low but then they should start thinking of alternatives I'm sure that are possible already but no: every last drop must raise profits as high as possible... and let's all hypocritically whine about global warming at the same time... I'm sure you sense the contradiction here
Well, I admit I do care about global warming, but I'm not sure I see the contradiction. I mean I want a fully electric car which wouldn't (shouldn't) make anything any worse, but would instead help. On many levels - 1, it would stop us (completely) from needing oil, 2, I don't believe it would increase global warming at all, probably would instead lower it (if not wipe it out).

As for electric cars, they are possible. A company (can't remember which, but was American) awhile back made some and gave them to people to test drive them (in California, I believe). The people who were allowed to test those cars reportedly loved them, but then all of a sudden those cars vanished apparently never to be heard from again.

Because these days they keep trying to come up with hybrids - part gas user part something else, which is a big DO NOT WANT for me - I want one of those fully electric cars.

Though I do understand that some out there bitch out high gas prices while at the same time stopping the oil companies from doing more drilling which might actually allow gas prices to lower. So, yeah there is some contradiction there.