So, I know I've talked about working on some of my fanfics before, though I haven't talked about them in awhile (lucky you), and since I've recently completed a whole batch, I figured it was time to talk about that.

First, I'll talk about the fanfic which I've spoken most about recently, and that is (of course) the fanfic which kidnapped me. Well, I've finally started publishing it.

Consequences by ME!
Summary: Everyone has a past - some more colorful than others. For several of the Buffy characters the past is finally catching up with them.

1. Consequences - So It Begins by ME!
PG-13 (complete) threesome
Summary: The battle with the First is long over and the gathering of Slayers under the new Watcher's Council is almost complete. The Sunnydale gang (including Spike) get together for a short reunion, made even shorter by a gate-crashing demon that may have actually been invited, but by whom?
(Buffy/Pirates of the Caribbean)

2. Consequences II - Out In Left Field by ME!
PG-13 (WIP) slash
Summary: This story begins six months before "Consequences I" ends. A couple of vampires from the WishVerse are granted a reprieve. They aren't really interested in the whys and wherefores - they're just interested in having a good time. (WishVerse!Xander)

It should be noted that there is more naughty language in the second part, but it is still basically a PG-13 deal, though admittedly I may end up giving it an R rating because of language and something that happens later.

I've finally gotten the sequel to Sex, Lies, and Alternate Universes (R) started. And, as expected, I don't think people are loving the sequel the way they loved the original. Anyway...

Sex, Lies, and Alternate Universes: The Sequel by ME!
PG-13 (WIP) het (so far - will have slash later)
Summary: After leaving the Spook Squad, Buffy thought she'd be able to settle in with her friends and enjoy her new life, instead everyone seems to be plotting against her. Her only comfort is the fact that she no longer has to go out and fight every night of her life, though that would certainly be easier than having to deal with the vampire Asher who wants to be a father to her. Or the Master of the City, Jean-Claude, who wants her involved in an orgy of power and sex, then there's Willow... Being pulled in so many directions proves to be too much for Buffy and she realizes that she needs the help of a new old friend to sort things out. Of course, for Buffy things rarely go according to plan.

Moving on...

You may (or may not) remember Unexpected American Vacation (PG-13) - the fanfic I started and then left unfinished for so very long. Well, it is finally finished, along with the sequel (Permanent American Vacation (PG-13) which is also finished.
("American Vacation" is a Potter/Anita crossover.)

I also pulled out one of my much older fanfics and did some editing/reposting:

Wish Away My Pain by ME!
R (complete) het/slash/femslash
Summary: What happens when Anya decides to redo Cordelia's original wish? This! But it's not just Anya and Cordelia making wishes here. B/X/A, W/O W/T (dubconW/C) slash/bloodplay/violence

And, finally, after practically forever I have gone back to the edit/rewrite of "Blood Ties" - during which I also gave the fanfic a new title (Ties Forged in Magic and Blood). For several reasons, mostly I wanted something that fit the fanfic a bit better, but part of the change was because in the time since I'd originally wrote the fanfic - someone else wrote a fanfic titled "Blood Ties," along with a little known vampire television show also titled "Blood Ties."

Anyway, I have finished that, and have added a new ending. And I mean NEW, not just a rewrite of the old ending.

Interestingly enough I knew this fanfic needed work, but the parts I expected would need most of the work weren't actually as bad as I was expecting. It was (mostly) the parts I didn't think needed much work which ended up needing the most.

Anyway, here's some linkage:

Ties Forged in Magic and Blood by ME!
NC-17 (complete) het/slash/femslash
Summary: The world as they know it has been changed and when the smoke clears everyone will be as changed as the world around them. Slash/het/threesome/character death/romance