As you know (if you follow my rantings) I ordered some plants for my garden and I placed my order(s) early this year. Well, several weeks ago some of the order arrived and I felt it was a bit too early. In one case the plants are proving me right - three of them which arrived looking big healthy and happy aren't looking so good now... So much for the much vaunted Miracle Gro dirt! Cause when they first started looking bad (about a week after I received them) I repotted them in MG dirt hoping that would help. Well, while they aren't any worse than they were before going in they aren't looking any more lively either.

However, the shrubs I was talking about before - the ones I was worried about keeping or planting because I didn't have a good place for cool storage and putting them in the ground might not be good because it can still get quite cold. Well, I decided to go ahead and plant them and hope for the best. Funny story - the ones I put in pots (which were the ones I was most worried about) are actually starting to bud as opposed to the ones I put directly in the ground which still look the same as they did when I put them there. Of course, at least one which I put in the ground was runty so it might just take it awhile before it takes off.

So not all bad, but I'm still aiting on two other items from that order - I don't know why but I expected to get them this week, and for the moment I have not. And that doesn't even mention the large (for me) orders I placed with two other companies which I've not heard hide nor hair about.
Of course, to be fair, those other companies will hopefully ship in a couple weeks when it will be a bit warmer here. And even then there is one other company which I ordered from just a little bit later than the others, which I'm hoping will still get here by the end of April.