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I really shouldn't be doing this, I should be working on Chapter Two of S,L,&AU:TS, and I have been, but I have something to say and I don't want to wait, cause if I do I'll probably never get it said.

Obviously I've been reading about the removal of the ads free Basic Accounts... I don't really know why I've been reading the reaction, but I have... Okay, I think this is probably the reason. That one pic of the guy with his gun actually had me laughing the rest of the night - I LOVED IT!

But now I've run across something that really starches my bloomers. Thing is that it isn't something SUP or LJ have said/done, but something LJ users are saying.

Here's the deal - some folks are saying that SUP ought to be trying to respond to their customers as an American company would. (As if American companies are so great! Okay, okay, some of them are, but not all of them.) So I can understand (to some degree) why so many end up responding the way they are to that, but I don't like being told that if I want an American response I should deal with an American company, because...


When it comes down to it I (along with others) didn't have a choice. You see, many of us came aboard when LJ was an American company! Ergo when we chose LJ we were dealing with an American company - It is hardly our fault that SixApart sold to SUP.

Now personally I don't care - SUP has done some good things.
Could they have done better? Sure.
Could they have handled recent situations better? Of course.

Then again I didn't think much about SixAparts passive/agressive bullshit when it came to fandom. Seriously, they would tell you they loved and welcomed fandom, but then started secretly (or not so secretly) going around and doing things against fandom.

Honestly, if you didn't/don't want fandom on LJ - tell me! I'll happily go set-up an InsaneJournal for fandom things and simply use LJ for everything else. Of course, I'm sure after awhile (six years to be exact) I'd probably end up just using IJ for everything, so LJ would lose ([sarcasm]Because I bring in sooo many readers[/sarcasm]) out in the end, but if they didn't/don't want fandom around then they'd have what they wanted.
Eh? its your LJ, of course you can have fandom stuff in here. :D

I don't hold back on the techstuff on my LJ either.. MWUHAHAHAAH! ;)