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Okay, I usually don't comment about these things, and what's funny (I suppose) is that I care even less about the removal of "Basic" (ads-free) accounts than I did the whole "we must protect the fictional children" debacle a while back. And yet I don't think I ever commented on even that, at least not on LJ itself.

But again people are going nuts - this time it is the removal of "Basic" accounts, and I'm not saying I can't understand why, I can. On the other hand, if I'm being completely honest I'm kinda surprised Basic (I.E. Pretty much completely free accounts) lasted as long as it did.

Yes, I know that Basic was the lure for many people who did eventually end up going on to pay, I'm not one of them even though I did go on to pay. Yes, when I opened my account I chose Basic, but within a day I realized I wanted more icons/avatars and so in probably less than 24 hours I switched to Plus (or whatever it was called). Well, then I had the ads, and yes they sucked, so I used some of my Christmas money to buy a years paid time, before that paid time ran out they had a PermAccount sale...

Well, after some of the past debacles I almost let the sale go by without getting one, but I finally decided that it was likely that I'd be around here for more than six years, and if I did then I would at least break even. Still, I admit, since LJ has changed hands since the sale I do find myself wondering about things, and not just about my recent purchase - there are some other things (interest removal, for example) that seem a bit (if you will) iffy to me.

But as I said I'm kinda surprised that Basic ads free accounts lasted as long as they did, especially if more people were using them than the Plus accounts, which is my guess as to why they are no longer an option.
Note that is my guess NOT a known fact!

I mean you can pretty it up however you like, but the bottom line is that those ads free accounts were not making the company any direct money. I said DIRECT, I'm not getting into the fact that they might have been making the company indirect money, because the company - any company - tends to only care about the bottom line.

And that is (in my opinion) what the company should have said instead of acting like we're all so stupid that more than two options would leave people scratching their heads in confusion. But I'm not going to rant about that.
I'm with you. I think the underhanded way they went about it was rather sucky, but the major overreactions I'm seeing (such as the strike planned) are a bit ridiculous. I personally never minded the ads. I went paid because I wanted more icons.

I don't know why people care so much about ads, actually. They never bothered me. I get why lj is doing this. Basic accounts aren't really cost effective. It was a business decision, and one I understand. They should have told people and put it in a news post, but that isn't enough of a suck to explain such an overreaction.
The main reason the ads bothered me was not because of the content, but because they slowed everything down, which on my old machine meant I never got anywhere fast on LJ with them.

As for the strike, well, there are reasons I'd join in on a LJ strike (plenty, in fact), but the loss of Basic Accounts just isn't one of them. Though since I'm not an everyday poster anyway and since most of my flist may be joining the strike - well, it may end up looking like I'm joining anyway.

But I completely agree that the sucky way they (LJ) went about this change is... Well, lets just say that the headaches they (our new Russian overlords) may be getting from their userbase over this may not be entirely undeserved.

Edited at 2008-03-20 01:41 am (UTC)