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Well, kinda/sorta. Honestly, it is about a month early for planting in my area, but I was early order girl this year - I placed my plant orders (except for one) back in Jan and Feb, the last one probably didn't get to the company until March... Anyway, I didn't expect to receive anything until at least the end of this month, if not April.

However, I was woken up this morning by the dog who was woken up by the mail-lady who was delievering the second package of one of my orders. The first was non-plant material and shipped last month. Anyway, I opened the package right away and everything in the package looks (except for one plant) very healthy. And the one that was kinda droopy seems to be perking up a bit, so I suspect it had a bit of ship shock.
(It also needs to be in a bigger pot, but I don't want to add transplant shock to ship shock.)

Early shipping - fine, because most of my order will be perfectly okay sitting in front of my window until it is time to go outside - unless every company I've ordered from starts shipping early. If that happens I will run out of window. However, there are five shrubs that really can't sit bare root in the house for another month. If I can't plant them NOW I need a cool dark place to store them and I don't really have one. There are two places that might work, but on bright sunny days both places will warm up. The garage is probably a better option than my closet, because my closet warms faster, but I'm actually thinking about just going ahead and putting them in the ground outside.

They were shipped dormant so my thinking is that because they are dormant I could go ahead and plant them. They would/should stay dormant until it warmed up properly and then hopefully they would break dormancy with the rest of my outside plants/trees - of course those all ready outside are older plants not babies. Still the main reason I'm not sure about this is because right now our weather is funky - we can have warm days where things could break dormancy and start to grow only to be shocked back by a late season freeze, which happened to everything last year, but since the trees and flowers were established this didn't kill them, but it might kill a new unestablished plant. I think I might cry if I planted them only to end up having them die because of a late freeze.

But, on the other hand, I also can't put them in pots and leave them in the house - I don't have pots big enough, so it is either try and store them for another month or plant them and hope for the best. Decisions, decisions. ;)
I should look into the garden a bit but I haven't got a clue about what is what so I'll put it off a little longer. ;)
Well, here is a site that might help: http://davesgarden.com/products/gwd/
Okay, so that site is more geared to companies and gardeners in the US, but it still has helpful information about both companies and plants.
(Though, obviously, you'd probably need to find a site to cross-check to see if the plants you like would do well where you live.)

So, anyway, the plant that was looking a little wilted was seeming to recover, but not well. Finally, I decided to go ahead and repot it last night, and was worried it seemed to be stuck in the really small pot it came in so I was afraid the ordeal I went through to get it out might have damaged it (I did break off two more stems). It doesn't seem to have suffered, because after seeing it today, I believe I should have repotted as soon as it arrived because it looks ten times better today than it did.

What's funny is this plant is supposed to be edible, but the roots stink, badly, so now I'm not sure I want to replant it again let alone eat it. LOL

I also went ahead and planted the shrubs today - two are in the place where they will stay. Another is in a bucket (large) where I may just end up leaving it, because if it will grow in that bucket then I can have a nice little spurt of color on concrete - the whole front "yard" of my house is concrete - so I've used a pinic table to put plants on and might leave the shrub in the bucket in front. The last two are in pots, one will be moved again when I finally get around to transplanting some of my plants somewhere else so I can put it out back in the spot I want. The last one I may still end up giving away - that is if all the others live, of course.
Thanks for the link, I'll look into it, maybe I can indentify what is what and not kill the whole garden afterall, the other option would be to create a Japanese rock garden... ;)
I noticed after I posted that link that there are several companies from the UK listed and reviewed (by consumers) on that site, so who knows you might actually find companies there that are actually ones you could use.
(Though I do recommend reading the consumer reviews before purchasing, though as far as the US is concerned I've had good luck with several of the companies that aren't highly rated on GardeningWatchdog.)