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Somebody SAVE me!

*sigh* After having gone on and on about how I'm just not interested, I just had to keep looking and found something that is real close to making me pick them up and start reading.

Close, but at the moment no cigar. And it probably isn't the things you are thinking.

I'll be a nice guy and cut for SPOILERS or potential spoilers, but I think if you've read the previous entry then you'll be okay reading behind the cut.

Expected reasons for my potential interest:

1. Buffy's new gay lesbian sex - nope, not even close. As I said I really don't care unless she's having new gay lesbian sex with Willow, though there are a few others (not just chicks) that if she went there I would at least pick up the specific issue it happened in. Seeing her get nasty with ShitSue or whatever is not even remotely tempting for me.

2. The stealing of the stoopid super slayer weapon - hell no! The less seen of that damn thing the better, in my opinion. Honestly, I still believe intro'ing that is as stupid as Rowling's last minute Deathly Hallows. Destroy the damn thing and kill the current Slayers down to about a dozen, and then maybe I'd be tempted. Otherwise, not even close to tempting.

3. The return of Dracula - nope, sadly because as I said in the previous entry I thought Whedon's Dracula was kinda stupid. But I will admit this one is the most tempting out of the three, especially when I did some digging and learned that Xander is going to seek him out. Could be interesting, unless Whedon completely forgets that Xander was completely under his power (and not happy about it) and that said power didn't completely dry up and disappear.

4. Almost forgot - the return of Oz (or so someone told me). Okay, I feel that I love Oz as much as the next person, but maybe I don't. Because even back when Oz reappeared on the show itself I was pretty BLAH about it. I think I would have been happier if he'd been coming back for good, but to just pop in for an episode was just not that exciting for me. Part of it, I admit was that because he was just popping in for one episode there was really no tension/expectation that he could eventually end up with Willow again or really do anything that would have a lasting impact.

The first thing that really caught my attention was a post in the thread about Gay!Buffy:

Posted by dabble_boy
I am still way more concerned about the fact that Buffy robbed a bank as well. While we know that Buffy isn't always morally perfect and what not, she's still sort of held herself to certain standards and never quite had to rationalized insurance covering damage to things or whatever.

I also saw somewhere (sorry, I tried but had no luck finding it again) that Whedon actually had Buffy killing humans for rather paper-thin reasons in at least one issue.

These things are what are tempting me - I like Buffy behaving badly, but...

This is giving me H/G Rowling redux. You know, how people were so certain because Rowling had written H/G so badly in Book Six that therefore H/G could not possibly be the real deal for Rowling anymore than it was for us. Sadly, there were quite a few people who were absolutely certain about that. Me, even if there were times where I was as certain as they were that they were right, there was a part of me that never actually stopped asking - "Does Rowling realize it was bad?" Turns out she didn't.

And now we have a potential plot thread from Whedon that should go somewhere interesting, and yet after the way Buffy (the television series) played out, I find myself asking - "Does Whedon realize that some of the Comic!Buffy elements need to be leading somewhere?" Because it wouldn't entirely surprise me that the elements Whedon are planning on playing with are not the elements which I'd care about.

But today I decided to look up some details and realized that (as mentioned above) the return of Dracula could be even more interesting than I was lead to originally believe. Of course, I've basically decided to hold off on buying/reading until I can see if Whedon is going to address what I feel really needs addressing or if he's planning to go off in an entirely different direction - I still rant enough (sometimes) about the television show, I really don't need to get into something else that will have me going off on tangents.

The down side is that I'll have to start keeping up with spoilers/reviews to see if that happens, and unless I'm actively reading I know I will be prone to forget to check the SPOILERS/reviews. *sigh*
You might find this review interesting (scroll down to Buffy entry):


"Because this issue, after all, is where Buffy engages in an invigorating round of lesbian sex with Satsu, and this is slightly problematic. On a purely technical level, the scene where we cut to someone laying in bed with a brand new lover and going “Wow” is such a monumental cliché that we never need to see it again. Really, I think it all boils down to the “wow”; with any other exclamation up to and including Buffy going “Hot damn! Vaginas!” it would’ve worked a lot better.

Beyond that, though, there’s the development itself. On the one hand, the fact that “Executive Producer” Joss Whedon and writer Drew Goddard have plotted out a scene where their main character makes a sudden shift in her sexuality–and comes to the conclusion that it’s the bee’s knees–is endemic of a larger problem with Whedon’s work as a whole. We’ve seen this sort of thing happen before, with Willow (who was in in love with Xander and Oz before her sapphic revelation) and elsewhere, and while it’s believable once, getting it again just seems to point to an underlying belief–shared by ardent fans of Girls Gone Wild–that all women are just a t-shirt away from making out with each other."
Thanks for the link, though I think there's been a slight misunderstanding, I honestly don't care about Gay!Buffy, as I said unless she'd getting gay with Willow.

What I'm actually looking for are some reviews/comments about the Buffy comics outside of the whole gay!sex thing, because from some of the stuff I've heard, I'm thinking about picking up a few issues, but I'd kinda like to know if it worth my time before I do that.

Though admittedly without all the rabble about the gay stuff I wouldn't have thought about it, but the gay rantings have only brought it to my attention, there are other things (some have mentioned in passing) that seem more interesting to me, and I was wanting more info on those things.

Alas, it seems I'll have to wait because right now everyone seems to be stuck on poor (or not so poor) Gay!Buffy.
Here's a good place to start, look for the Buffy links.

Thanks, I'm off to check that out now.

*hugs shatna*
I'm not interested in a gay!Buffy period. A gay or bi Xander would have been cool because I could see it. I'm with you on Oz. I only want him if he's back for good. I did like Dracula, mostly because I thought he was hot, but I'm not sure what more could be done with him.

Mostly, I'm not really a comic person, and nothing about season 8 has peaked my interest enough to want to pick it up. I'm happier in my own imaginary season 8 where Buffy, Angel, and Spike form a threesome, Willow gets with Xander, only a few slayers are left, and Buffy is still the most powerful. Oh, and Giles finds someone because he totally deserves it.

Edited at 2008-03-11 12:03 am (UTC)
What's funny about that is that the first time around I liked Willow/Tara better than Willow/Oz, so I really didn't want W/O back together, it was just that him showing up for one episode only just didn't do squat for me. But I did/do think it would have been very interesting to see Tara and Oz interacting with each other and Willow.

With Dracula, I think they just played the whole thing too cheesy and light. Honestly, if it weren't for the Dracula that lives in my head, and I was just going off Drac as he was in Buffy I would have had major problems seeing why Buffy (and Anya and Willow) were ga-ga for him.

As for being a comic person - I'm with you. I've read quite a few and some have been good, I won't deny that, but even with the good ones I always end up wishing I was reading an actual novel.

Hmm, my very own season eight - I can't pick one, I have dozens:
1. One is with Buffy and Xander TE (together forever) with Willow/Oz/Tara living TF, and Giles off in England doing his thing.
2. Is Buffy/Willow/Xander TF - I don't even know what else happens in this one just that it is B/W/X living happily ever after.
3. Has Buffy/Xander/Spike TF, I'm actually in the process of writing this one. ;)

Of course, I could live with Buffy/Angel/Spike TF, though I doubt I'd have Xander and Willow together, I'd probably have Willow/Oz/Tara together, because Kennedy gave her life so Tara could come back - that would make me so very happy. ;) And because of some season four redux I'd probably have Xander and Giles happily together.

And that doesn't even count the realities where Giles and Anya ran off together or where she ran off with Spike, or hey maybe the three ran off together, though I've never been into Spike/Giles.

Oh, and in case it doesn't go without saying, Dawn died or went back where ever she came from, because I don't like her and in my perfect world she ain't there. ;)