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Okay, back when Buffy first had a gay character I was impressed, though I said then (and still believe now) that Xander would have been the better choice*, because while I won't say there was no gay!Willow subtext, Xander was pretty much a walking example of denial/repression - I could talk about how he always went after unattainable woman, or the fact that when he attained his women there was always something missing in his ships with them. Yes, even Anya didn't completely satisfy him - Want proof? Watch the musical episode if none other.

Where as Willow had an entirely fulfilling relationship with Oz (though I suppose you could argue that it wasn't entirely because she did cheat with Xander, but since she got back together and stayed with Oz for quite some time after that I'd say that she really truly loved Oz and that her fling with Xander was truly a mistake, not a signal of a deeper issue. And that doesn't remotely touch on her practically life-long crush on Xander or her crush on Giles, which I actually suspected before the subtext became text - i.e. Willow admitted it.

I guess that is why I just can't see Willow as truly gay, because all the evidence (to me) points to her being bisexual rather than gay, where as based on the evidence I could have so easily accepted that Xander was well and truly gay.

* Even if that would have totally screwed my OTP, which is Buffy/Xander. Not that I would have stopped shipping Buffy/Xander, or my other Xander ships, just that it would have seemed very much in character for Xander to be gay.

Anyway, maybe I'm seeing patterns where there are none, but it is starting to seem like gay is the new thing.

In recent memory we've had Rowling pop Dumbledore out of his coffin to announce that he is our (or Harry's) dead gay Headmaster!
And, yes, I had some problems with that, mostly relating to the fact that Rowling couldn't pop him out of the closet during the actual books. At least Whedon had the balls to do it in the show itself. Then there's the whole "EWWW - keep that old wrinkled corpse out of my slash, thank you!" aspect.

But what really (and I mean REALLY) gets me is that Rowling went so far out of her way seriously) to sink Remus/Sirius that I had finally accepted that despite some "subtext" (you know the stuff that always got the slash Potter fans squeeling) none of the characters in her Verse were gay. So, yes whatever subtext Rowling claims to be there for AD/GG in that final book was so totally missed because Rowling seemed so Anti-Gay, and I think that is the only reason she popped a gay character out, people were really starting to believe that she was against homosexuality and she felt she needed to prove otherwise. Shame that couldn't have happened in the actual books where it would have had a more relevant impact.


No, I haven't read the comics, nor do I plan to. As I replied on someone's LJ:
1. I actually hate graphic novels/comics - sorry to those who like them, but I find that they lack depth story-telling wise. I'd be much more likely to read this season eight thingie if it was a series of actual novels.
2. At the time this so-called Season Eight started I was still completely turned off of all (most) things Buffy because of season seven, which turned me off of the character of Buffy (among others) and to a large extent turned me off of Whedon himself.
3. All the Slayers (around 2,000) running around as though it really makes no difference in any major way. All through the series Whedon beat the "it's not about good/evil - it's about balance" button to the point where I can't suspend disbelief and accept that the calling of all the Potientials wouldn't upset the so-called balance.
(And that it, from everything I've heard, completely ignores the ending of Angel, which should have upset the applecart as well.)

Anyway, the big news these days is Buffy #12 - Wolves At The Gate, Part I - Buffy herself is gay now! Except Whendon has come out and said Buffy is not gay. Anyway, she has sex, but not just any sex - full on lesbian gay-type sex with a fellow Slayer.
* If you follow the above links you may be hit with more than Buffy's-gay-sex spoilers.

I can even understand why some people are unhappy. Buffy did (despite me shipping her with Willow) seem like one of the straightest female characters I've ever encountered. Honestly, I have an easier time believing gay!Willow. But what makes me think "bad" about this isn't that Buffy had sex with a chick it's the fact that it feels like a cheap ratings stunt. Yes, I know that when Whedon made Willow gay some people did cry ratings stunt, but despite the fact that I had some problems with it, it honestly did not feel like a ratings stunt to me not the way this new thing does.

Hearing all this I could only think "Okay, we get it! You like lesbians! Bully for you. But what straight man doesn't?"
I mean I get it, you aren't afraid to make your characters (at least the female ones) gay. Want to be new and revelant again? Do the logical thing and finally allow Xander to be gay, or hey lets show Andrew having a relationship (with a man, of course). *sigh* Ratings stunt (or just plain stunt) at least Rowling had the balls to make a male character gay.

Anyway, despite all this I really don't care if Buffy's a lesbian or just screwing around, because unless she's having lesbian sex with Willow (or getting with Xander or back with Angel or Spike), I really don't care. Have her and Willow get together (or do my OTP, Buffy/Xander) and I will suddenly get over my dislike/distaste for comics/graphic novels and read the entire series.

(Or and this is another SPOILER - according to the SPOILERS Dracula also returned in this issue - have Buffy start a real relationship with him and I'd probably start reading, except that Whedon's Dracula kinda sucked.)

Hell, for that matter if it's gay you want try Buffy/Faith (though I never really got the whole B/F thang) I would probably start reading the comics just to see it. Or hey have Willow dump Kennedy and get back together with Oz (or do a threesome, though since I hate Kennedy so badly that might not be enough for me), and I'd probably pick up an issue or three. But I can't get excited about Buffy having sex with some minor female character, because there's just nothing new and different about a lesbian relationship in the WhedonVerse, and despite what Whedon says Buffy is a bit old for the type of exploration he claims she's doing - if you know what I mean.

Not that there's anything wrong with gay characters, despite how this rant probably reads. It's just that it seems like bringing characters out of the closet is the "new thing." Which would be totally okay if it made (makes) sense within the arc of the characters. Instead these most recent ones totally feel like a ratings stunt which I personally think just sucks all around.
I honestly have two minds about Whedon. On the one hand, he writes awesome, strong, realistic women, some of whom (especiallY Buffy) I can really relate to. On the other hand, he still writes them as a guy would. They dress in really sexy clothes, they are all emotional and at least somewhat steriotypically female, and they just feel like girls as seen through the eyes of men. Also, the only gay characters or relationships we see in any Whedon shows are lesbian ones. From Buffy to Angel to Firefly, there are no gay guys or men sleeping with men.

Honestly, I just don't buy it. Faith I can see experimenting with girls. It just seems out of character for Buffy. Buffy always struck me as extremely straight while Faith struck me as someone who's either bisexual or straight but willing to be with girls. Maybe it is because I identify so much with Buffy, and I'm definately on the far end of the spectrum. Still, it isn't just that we've only seen her on tv with men. She just comes across as straight.
I think what well and truly gets me is NOT the fact that Whedon didn't make Xander gay, but had a well and truly gay male character. Seriously this character was practically the gayest thing outside of gay-town. Okay, he wasn't exactly flaming, but all the evidence pointed to this character being totally gay - and that character was Andrew.

Now I admit that Andrew was not one of my favorite characters. Okay, honestly, I hated Andrew right up until Storyteller, because yes I was bitter that we got saddled with this annoying boy rather than Whendon having Jonathan (a character we knew and one that had been there since practically the beginning) come back and play a major Scooby role in the last season. Despite the fact that I wasn't real fond of Jonathan either, but for a long time I thought having him around would have worked better and made more sense, or maybe I just thought it would be nice to see Jonathan redeem himself - I don't really know now.

Still we were stuck with Andrew, and for some reason (I'm still not sure why) the boy got to me in the episode Storyteller and I decided that he wasn't so bad after all. And how the hell did I get off on this tangent?

*sigh* My point was that there was nothing that pointed to Andrew being anything other than gay on Buffy. Then WHAM BAM in Angels season five when Spike and Angel go to Rome Whedon totally fs it up by showing Andrew going out with TWO females. I mean that was one of those moments where it just did not make sense. I mean Willow suddenly with two guys would have made more sense - Andrew suddenly with two females just DID NOT COMPUTE.

Which is almost why I got really wanky in the above entry and titled the thing "Is gay the new IN thing, and EXTRA: Joss Whedon = Homophobe!"

I mean obviously Whedon isn't scared of lesbians, but as I said above very few straight men are afraid of lesbians - at least the fantasy lesbians Whedon keeps making. However, I am starting to think Whedon really is homophobic when it comes to gay men.
despite what Whedon says Buffy is a bit old for the type of exploration he claims she's doing - if you know what I mean.

Not to be rude, but that is a rather stupid statement considering that there isn't a cut-off birthday for exploration. In spite of what you seemt o think.
*sigh* I guess I should have eloborated above, but I was already feeling TL;DR.

I'm not saying (or even implying) that "older" people don't explore, but in my experience when "older" folks (like Buffy, yes) start doing it that generally means they are discovering their (true) sexuality, or to Joss it up for you - they really are Gay Now, except that Joss is claiming that Buffy isn't gay now just exploring/experimenting.

I won't claim that this is true for every single person in ever just that from what I've seen/heard/experienced it seems to be true.

And so it is interesting to me that it seems Whedon keeps doing gay (at least female gay) stuff, but just keeps not getting it quite right.

(Personally, I think he's just being a typical straight man exploring his lesbian fantasies, and I'll probably continue to believe that until he proves otherwise.)