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Buffy meme!

I'm feeling nostalgic, so when I saw this meme I decided to do it. ;)

(*sigh* I need some better icons/avatars for Buffy!)

1. Name your favorite character ever. Yes. You can only pick one.

Xander, Xander, Xander!

I loved him from the very first episode, now that doesn't mean I dislike all the others, far from it, but Xander is my fav character out of all of them.

2. Give one line you love:

I don't really know, there were so many good ones. I think I'd have better luck picking a favorite scene. LOL

"Gee, can you vague that up for me."
If I have to choose.

3. Favorite three episodes.

1. The Pack (yes, I said THE PACK!)
2. Becoming II
3. The Wish

4. Favorite villain

This is hard, because while I think the Mayor was the best overall villain, I actually like The Master better, which my default makes him my favorite.

5. Favorite song used in a scene

Um, well, I'll be honest, aside from the music in the opening of every single episode of Buffy I never really paid attention to BuffyMusic.

But if I have to pick, I'd go with Buffy's song from the Musical (Going Thru the Motions, or whatever it is called), if that actually counts.
(Spike's was good too.)

6. Favorite season

Two, before going back and watching the DVDs I would have said three, but after going back and watching I realized that I love Season Two best.

In order it goes something like this:

7. Season Five
6. Season Seven
5. Season Six
4. Season Four
3. Season One
2. Season Three
AND THE WINNER IS: (Of course)
1. Season Two

(Although there are some days when I think I like Season One slightly more than I do Three)

7. Scariest episode

AfterLife (Season Six), while there was lots of scary stuff before this, AfterLife is the first episode that actually managed to scare me; only for a moment, but a moment was more than any of the others managed.

8. Best kiss/sex scene/romantic whatever... it can be tame or not:

Hmmm, I think I've got to agree with philstar22 and say the Buffy/Spike scene - I may not have really loved the pairing by that point, but I really did/do like that scene.

9. Favorite relationship (of any kind):


Though I think Willow/Oz, Xander/Cordy, and Willow/Tara deserve honorable mentions.

Actually, if we take in non-pairing/romantic Buffy relationships, I really like Buffy/Giles and Xander/Giles - don't get me wrong, I like the p0rn with them too, but I actually like the canon relationships between them just as much (if not more).
(Though I still maintain that in Season Two Giles was too hard on Xander, but Season Four made me love their relationship again.)

10. Set/location you'll miss the most:

I think (oddly enough) I miss main street Sunnydale most of all.
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