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I actually thought about making an entry with no point and just keep going on and on talking about how I have nothing to say and yet making a massive entry talking about how I have nothing to say - it might be fun, but I realized that I do actually have something to say, so perhaps I'll save that other idea for another time. ;)

This time I'm not exactly working on the fanfic which kidnapped me - which if you read this journal you know what I'm saying, if not don't worry about it. I did work on said fanfic last night (I believe I've got Parts One and Two ready for posting, and I've actually started on what will probably end up being Part Seven, that doesn't mean anything after Part Two is ready (in any form) for posting), but today I've been working on Permanent American Vacation...

I'm amazed, I actually have the rough draft of Chapter Three finished - that is actually quick for me, because after the opening bit of the chapter I was having a bit of trouble getting things going - I knew what needed to happen, but I just wasn't having any luck writing it. Then I was getting a shower (of all things) I started working it out. So I quickly dried and dressed so I could get things down before the ideas stopped coming, and I have now finished the rough draft of chapter three. Go me!

I also have Chapter Four (possibly the last chapter) plotted out. I knew this story wouldn't be excessively long, but originally I thought it would be five chapters plus epilogue, now it may end up being four chapters plus epilogue... But either way, I'm almost finished. ;)

And good news for those who've been waiting (for almost/over a year) I've actually started working on the sequel to/for Sex Lies and Alternate Universes... The downside is that the sequel for this one probably won't be even half as long as Sex Lies and Alternate Universes, and some might not like it because rather than having an overarcing mystery this one will be all about the characters and the relationships which were introduced (or hinted at) in SLandAU but not closed/completed. So, I'm sure some people that liked SLandAU won't enjoy the sequel, but I think having a mystery in the sequel would just serve to distract from the things that really need to be addressed.
I have a tendency to like most of what you write... ;)
And that is one (of the many) reasons I love you. ;)