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Okay, if you (those reading this) are like me - you've seen that stupid blasted annoying "Head On" ad over and over and over. Now granted one time, I was almost (I say ALMOST) curious enough to do some research and figure out what the hell this product was.

What stopped me? If the damn advertisers are to f'in lazy to tell me what the product is about - I be damned if I'm going to do their stupid jobs for them! This "Head On" might be the best thing ever, but I don't care. Until the bastards in charge care enough to tell me about their product, I ain't (A) spending money on it, and (B) doing research because the advertisers are too lazy to tell me about the thing properly.

Of course, while I was browsing MSN I came across this, and was just floored. I'll quote the part that floored me, but the article is much larger than this quote:

The HeadOn ad is more effective at reaching its goals than 99 percent of the ads on television.


Please do not let ads start going this way. I might never be able to watch TV again. Having one ad of this type is bad enough, but if every company starts doing it I'll be forced to start recording every show I watch so I can fast forward through ALL the annoying crap. *sigh* At the moment, television ads are a big enough pain in the ass, I would hate to see them get worse.

PEOPLE PLEASE - Do not make these lazy ass bastards successful, make them work harder for your attention.

Thank you, and have a nice day!

PS - My mood is "Annoyed and Shocked," but the icon for shocked just doesn't, to me, say shocked!
My husband uses Head On, says it does help, as long as he catches the headache before it gets bad.
Does he know of the placebo effect? Basically, thinking it will work, makes it work even if it doesn't do a thing? It probably doesn't do a thing but thinking it does somehow tricks the body into believing it's helping.

A similar anecdote to this is putting a banana peel on your forehead to relieve a headache. It works mostly because part of the treatment is eating the banana (the potassium is said to help) and taking a nap.

This is just one or two levels up from the old snake-skin oil business that used to dominate in the 1800's.

Fortunately before now, I had never even seen the advertisement. But then I am a big proponent of ad block too. :p
Okay - I'm not going to debate the placebo effect, because I can't say for sure if that is what Head On is. Now that doesn't mean I don't understand the placebo effect - I guess I should say placebo effect theory - whatever.

Anyway, what I don't understand is why I can never make myself believe I have enough magical power to stop the pain in its tracks without resorting to an actual placebo. Apparently, there are some limits to the effect. ;)

Thanks, Ita for letting me know that. Seriously, I get bad headaches, not really migraine level, but they can get pretty harsh. Anyway, I've found tylenol works for a mild headache, but only Advil works when the headache passes a certain level.

Thankfully, I haven't yet had a headache that couldn't be taken out by Advil - usually two caplets are enough, but every so often one is so bad that I have to take a couple more sometime later...

Now watch this will be like the time I bragged on my cat in Teelies journal. Once I posted those comments - the cat started to shit everywhere. Okay, I don't think she did it because I bragged, but because she had a bit of stomache trouble. Still the timing was certainly interesting.

PS - Lucky you (Teelie), I don't see how you could have missed the ad, it seems every time I try to watch something that (*%#$(*$ ad is running.
Is it on TV too? I have never seen it there either. I am lucky. :D

I am going to make you suffer. *evil*

If I have to suffer, I shouldn't have to suffer alone, right? ;)

*sigh* I honestly don't know how you could have missed it, because it honestly is on TV all the time. Naturally, though since I made the original entry I haven't seen it.

Hey, maybe my rant worked. LOL
Maybe it's only on network tv or something. I almost watch exclusively cable and even then only a dozen or so channels. Anything that's on the broadcast channels I watch is usually watched on my computer.
I'm not sure, the more I think about... I only recall seeing it heavily on the Weather Channel, though I'm sure it is on other channels.

And since I've posted this rant, I haven't actually seen the ad at all. Rantz = teh good. ;)
What advertisers don't seem to get is that not ALL attention is "good". They seem to think that just getting your attention is sufficient.

If an ad is annoying enough, I will NEVER buy the product. When that stupid Head-On commercial comes on, I mute the TV.

Yeah, they got my attention. But they don't and won't have my business for annoying the piss out of me.
Exactly! All they've done is to make sure you won't get confused in the store (because you can't properly recall the product) and purchase it by mistake.

For example, I haven't bought a certain brand of batteries since I decided the only good pink bunny was a dead pink bunny. The first several times those ads were actually original and pretty good, but around the fifth time I realized I would be subject to this crap until the company went bottom up.

When (if) they kill that annoying bunny, I will buy that brand of batteries again. Otherwise there are much less annoying brands.

Sadly, the Head On ad was annoying from the first time I saw it... And as I understand from that article we will continue being raped by this ad until after August.

Oh how I long for the Tasters Choice ads... Now those were great!