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Well, I haven't worked on the fanfic that kidnapped me for several days - other things kept getting in the way - filing taxes, looking for a bit of part-time something to earn a bit of extra money without having to work all the time, so on...

Well, last night I sat down (finally) and went through and edited Part One, and today I planned to work those edits into the typed copy. I even stayed up a bit late to finish, cause I really want to get back and work on Chapters Two and Three of PAV - chapter two is almost finished, but I wanted to get Parts One and Two of this other fanfic finished first. Plus, I'm actually eager to get into Part Three of the fanfic which kidnapped me, since that was the part I intended to write, but I wanted to get the first two parts finished before I jumped back into another fanfic least I lose my thread/ideas/whatever for the first two parts which I never intended to write in the first place.

Well, I slept in this morning (it's Saturday after all), so when I finally woke up I jumped in the shower and when I got out I was informed that I had about a half-hour to get ready for company. It was all good, because I thought "I'll visit with company and then work on the fanfic later." Oops, because company brought beer, and since they brought it, I thought it would be rude not to drink it - I mean they went out of their way to bring me the kind they knew I liked. So, I've been drinking already, *sigh* not only is it a bit earlier than I start drinking, it's also on a day I don't usually drink on in the first place. Anyway, I'm a bit afraid if I try to work edits in right now I'll end up with more errors than I started with. ;)

(Hmm, started every paragraph with well, how odd.),

Honestly, you might be surprised how long it took me to get this entry looking to me error free, and for all I know I might log-on after I sober up and find this whole thing unreadable.
A drunk Hope who just got out of the shower... *naaaaaaaaaughty thougts* ;)
Sorry to bubble burst, but I wasn't actually drunk when I got out of the shower. It was a couple hours later before I actually started drinking. But don't let that stop the naughty thoughts. ;)

However, you might not want to read the following, because it probably will not just stop but kill the naughty thoughts...

Because I don't even want to talk about today. I knew there was a very valid reason I never drank (or started) so early in the day.

I is feeling like teh shit today. (And not the good kind of homeboy shit, but the bad stinky kind of shit)

Honestly, now I'm starting to wonder at what exact point did I get old. I mean I remember hangovers, but I also remember a time when I could have drank twice as much as I did yesterday and would not have spent all day the following day with a bloody hangover! One that even Advil is having trouble killing - when Advil fails you know it's bad.
Aw, poor you *hugs* you don't have an exact point where you grow old I think.