I really meant to make this entry right after seeing Life After People, but obviously other things came up, so it has been delayed until now.

Okay, I don't know how many people read my X-Files/Forever Knight crossover (Long Gray Twilight), but I admit I didn't know how close to the facts I was when I wrote the second part. To be honest, if I'd known then what I learned from watching Life After People I would not have added the natural disasters in Part Two. Really, I started to leave them out in the first place, but I was afraid without them some would find things a bit unbelieveable.

To be honest when the idea popped in my head it just seemed logical. But mainly I went the way I did because I didn't want to write a Star Trekion future for this fic - that kind of future just didn't feel write in the context of this story. But still I'm just happy that I was on the right track - okay, granted not all people disappeared in my fanfic, but there was one hell of a population drop.

What's really funny is that I didn't even do any research when deciding to take things backward instead of forward. And since for once I guessed right, I think it proper to toot my own horn.

Speaking of Long Gray Twilight - The third and final part has been finished for awhile now, but before I could get the editing done on that I ended up jumping into three other fanfics and haven't gotten back to do edits. Hopefully, once I get Parts One and Two on the fanfic I'm currently working on edited I'll be able to steal a moment or two and get Part Three of LGT edited and posted.