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So, as you know, at least if you've been reading this journal, I got this shinny new computer and I was happy. Then pretty much right out of the box I had to buy something extra just to be able to play on the net. Well, fine, it wasn't that expensive, so I could live with it if not being exactly happy about it.

Then just the other day I realized (as I started putting my old files on the new PC) that I don't have a thingie that supports .doc files - nor do I have a word program with a spell check. This kinda surprised me, because you'd think a business computer would actually have spell check standard! Some professionals spell ten times worse than I do. GRR-ARG, but again I said fine - I'll just (try and) graft the one I had on my old computer to the new computer. *looks around* What? It should work, right? They're both Windows, if not exactly the same version of Windows. Still what works on one should work on the other, right?
I haven't done it yet because I keep getting distracted by this new game I bought.

But now I'm really starting to get annoyed. Every freakin' day I come online Windows is downloading updates of some kind which is killing my speed online. Yes, I've went in and told it to ONLY download updates on a certain day - it has just completely blown that off and is downloading updates every f&^&^%g day! At first I thought "well, okay, the computer might have been a few months (or more) old before I got it, so okay maybe it is just trying to get itself up to snuff." Well, it's had plenty of time, and it's downloaded plenty of stuff, because every night (except one!) when I get ready to turn it off it says it will turn off and install updates, and STILL it continues to download updates. How many damn updates can there possibly be? GRR-ARG! Enough already, no, seriously enough already!
openoffice.org has a free word processor that handles .doc files.
That's the one I'm going to try and put on this on. Mainly for one reason and one reason only - it came with my old PC so I still have it on one of the restore discs for that PC. I'd rather try that instead of spending half a day downloading it from the net. Dial-up can suck sometimes, but beggars can't be choosers.

Of course, I admit I'm a bit (just a bit) worried that because it is on a restore disc for another PC that putting it on this one might cause a problem or two. It shouldn't, but knowing my luck...
I absolutely hate new technical things))) I can never handle them myself, there's always smth wrong!
Well, to be honest, I am still mostly happy overall with this new PC. It's actually the fastest I've ever had - I just wish I didn't seem to keep finding glitches of some kind.
If you have Vista windows, the thing will seriously download updates every damn day until you go though control panel quite a few times and set it back to once a week or the setting where you have to allow it to update. I just got a new computer as well, with Vista, and I had to reset those preferences everyday for a week before the stupid thing got it.
I actually stuck with Windows XP, a different version, but still XP. However, it looks like I'm going to have to try the same thing you did. Maybe it'll work for me too.
Windows fucks up computers... Seriously!
Well, I can't agree or disagree, because Windows is all I've ever used starting way back with the horrible Windows 95.

Well, wait, I think WAY back in college I used something else, but I can't remember what that was now.

I would have went with a MAC, but those PCs are just too expensive and they won't work with all programs and DVDs, so I decided to stay with Windows.