I wish they'd go back to making radios (especially ones for the car) which didn't try to "think" for me.

What I mean is that when I reach out to either turn the sound up or down I've got a radio that seems to think I want to go in a different direction from the direction I'm actually turning the *&$#*(g knob. Except, of course, when I try to out-think the damn thing, then it goes in the direction I actually turn it rather than going bassakwards! It is annoying. I reach out to turn it down and it goes up instead - I reach out to turn it up and it goes down. STOP IT! I will put you where I want you, I don't need help with that - Kay, thanks!

JUST MAKE A DAMN RADIO THAT DOESN'T TRY TO "THINK" FOR ME, because believe it or not, I am perfectly capable of turning a damn knob up or down to get to the level I want - I really don't need help with that, especially when the help ain't worth a damn.

I make this rant because they are starting to make other "thinking" knobs and they should just stop, because I don't know anyone out there who can't figure out how to turn a knob to get the level they want.