I'd call 'em reviews, but I'm not sure either would qualify as a proper review.


Okay, after last week I wasn't sure about EUReKA, because the characters were too bland/boring. This week was better, the "science guy" who I felt was miscast in the pilot was not in this weeks episode. And even the "caricature deputy" didn't seem quite so bad, of course she didn't have that large a part this week, so there may be a cause and effect thing going on.

The others seem to be settling into their roles better than I expected. Everything character-wise in the pilot was just, maybe not wrong, but off. Granted I don't hold out much hope for the deputy, I think any time she has a large part she's going to be even worse than a card-board cut-out. However, if all the others continue improvment and if the stories maintain quality, I can live with one piss-poor character.

Episode "The Evil Within"

Well, last week I didn't review/comment much on Blade because I watched the episode when I was feeling sick, and sick makes me harsh. Still if this weeks episode is anything to judge by, last weeks episode probably wasn't great and a rewatch probably wouldn't have softened my opinion all that much.

I was about to get very pissed off, until the previews for next week finally came on. Seriously, if you've been keeping up with my reviews, then you know I am less than thrilled with the Boone character and storyline.

Granted the Chase/Krista storyline isn't exactly all that thrilling anymore, which is shameful, because it had potential. However, I was livid as I watched this episode. Boone live, but Chase was killed! No, I was ready to put Blade in the coffin forever.

Then I watched the previews for next week, and I calmed down a great deal. Though I still hope the quality of Blade will increase and the badness decrease.

Anyway, it appears that Boone will finally DIE! (YAY! *does happy dance*) It also appears Chase isn't quite dead yet. Of course, she might not make it, but at least she will return one more time, just not in all her glory.

As for the other elements - I'm not sure how I feel about it all, but one thing I am sure about is that Krista conflicted equals good thing, because it means more Krista. At this point I think they could almost get rid of Blade and side-kick boy (especially side-kick boy, who is so completely interchangeable that it isn't funny - give this guy a personality or get rid of him!) and turn this into the Krista show. Might improve things a great deal.