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So, I know I haven't been gone a long time or anything, but it actually feels like I have, so excuse me while I rant about it. Thank you.

First, my old computer slowed to a crawl both online and offline (though admittedly it never was super fast online, so it couldn't really afford to lose speed there), and it was finally decided that a new computer was in order.

I've actually had the new computer since Monday, but ran into several problems. First I still needed to save some stuff from my old one. Finally got that done and then unhooked the old PC and plugged in the new one. Things were going fairly well - for example, my old PC took about fifteen minutes to boot up to the point where you could use it, and actually it was really slow and draggy for about a half hour. This one takes about a minute - seriously just click the start button and you are practically ready to start. YAY!
(The whole having to restart thing upon updates will be much less annoying now.)

Then the big snag - the bloody PC I bought didn't have a modem, which meant no internet unless I wanted to hook the old one back up, and I really didn't. It's almost funny, I was more worried about getting my decade old printer (it's probably about two decades old, actually) to work on this very new PC. That went so smoothly I was surprised, unlike the previous PC I didn't even have to download a driver for it, just plug and play or print as the case was.

Well, I finally called my ISP and the fellow came yesterday afternoon and installed a modem for me so I was finally ready to get back on the net.

Overall I am (very) happy with this new PC, but I found it weird that it didn't have a modem standard - that is the first time I've booted up a PC and didn't have one. I also don't have a floppy drive now, but that isn't near as big a deal, because I rarely used that anymore anyway. Though I do have a few floppies that hopefully one day I'll find someone who has a floopy drive who would be willing to transfer the stuff off them to a CD.
I'm also having to get used to yet another new keyboard - I'm actually thinking I might install the old one again once I get everything settled, though this new keyboard doesn't suck (not as bad as the new mouse does, actually) it is just a bit different from the newish one that I was finally getting used to.

PS - I haven't stopped writing, though admittedly it did slow because I didn't want to type anything until I was sure I could save it (from the old one) and then I've been busy trying to install my stuff on this one that I haven't had time. I'm hoping I'll get back to my fanfic by Tuesday or Wednesday.
I wish my computer was faster. It's actually not the slowest one, but when it comes to watching YouTube for example it kills me)))
Well, I don't know how this one will be when it comes to YouTube (haven't tried it yet), but my old one would not do YouTube at all.
Granted I'm not the type to spend hours watching, but there have been a few things here and there that I would have liked to watch.

Of course I'm still on dial-up even with my new superfast PC, and while the internet speed is a bit faster on this one than my older one it is still a dial-up. ;)
Modems aren't that much fitted anymore mainly because all the attention is aimed at broadband etc.

I'm glad you're back online and that you're enjoying your new PC's speed :D
Yeah, that's what I was told, of course, I was also informed that I purchased a business computer instead of a personal one. I'm not complaining, because if all business computers are this much faster than personal ones (this blows all the former PCs I've ever had completely out of the water) - I will be buying business ones from here on out.

(I wouldn't mind getting DSL or a sat. connection - superfast is good, the price however...)
Business PC's are usually less powerfull in the graphics department but the hardware used is usually a little bit behind the top of the line and newest of the newest and in being so they're usually more matured so to say, also they come with support for older operating systems and the like which make them better IMO then gaming PC's etc. :)