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Honestly, while I love being on a writing roll, there comes a point there it's like - "Listen mind I cannot possibly keep up this pace."

I'd started the reworking of Blood Ties finally, I've honestly been meaning to do it for years (literally). I'd also started on the sequel to Unexpected American Vacation which was coming along nicely. Then just before Christmas this new idea slams into me and I've been working on nothing but that since, because I can't seem to stop working on it.

You think I'm joking, but I'm really not. The story has completely taken over my life. Yes, a fanfic has practically taken over my life. One night I was up til four am because every time I thought done (finally), I'd close my eyes and the whole thing would start over again.

What started out as a simple one part fanfic has now become a freakin' trilogy! I started working on what has now become Part Three, because I liked the things my mind was showing me. However, as I started working on the story (now Part Three) I realized that quite a few of the events from Parts One and Two needed to be shown instead of me just saying "this, this, and this" happened through the characters.

So, I "stopped" working on Part Three and started working on Part One. At first this was just supposed to be a single chapter story (maybe two), it has now turned into five chapters, but I believe it is finally done. YES!
(I didn't actually stop working on Part Three, because scene's kept coming to me. At least, because of that I do believe I have all the important plot bits of Part Three written - so the rest should *crosses fingers* be easy(ish).)

The trouble is, of course, that I can't show everything in Part One because if I did then some of those wacky things called surprise twists wouldn't surprise at all. So, of course, I can't actually show everything, but I think I've done a good job at showing what needs to be shown and only laying some vague hints of things to come.

Now I'm getting into Part Two, which really should be easier because there isn't really anything in Part Two which needs to remain hidden. Basically Part Two is just to show characters getting to know each other so that the way they act together in Part Three will make sense.

Part Two also looks like it is going to end up five chapters, as well. These were just supposed to be short fanfics to set up the main one rather than being self-contained fanfics in their own right.

As for Part Three (the fanfic I actually set out to do), well, I have no idea how long that'll be because I plan to go slow and do all kinds of things that I've always wanted to do in fanfics and just never did. Of course, right now Part Three is a big mess with scenes written in no real order - I usually write in order, so that's also weird about this whole thing, but hopefully now that things are starting to come together the fanfic will let me have a bit of a life outside of it.

What's funny in a weird way is that I'm getting ideas which say there might be a Part Four which really touches back on Part One. Why that's weird is because Part Three actually has a good solid ending, one of my better endings (I suck at them) and I'd almost hate to come back and attempt another fanfic which may or may not have a good ending. And I mean good as in it closes things off and ends the story properly, not necessarily good as in happily ever after.

I mean like I said I do like being on a roll, but for the most part I've been writing practically non-stop since November. Breaks make the world go round and all, but I haven't really had one.

Also I'm probably going to be getting a new PC soon - which is of the good, but because of all the writing I've been doing I've got large amounts of stuff to save and I'm not sure I can, because I can't burn them to CD, I'm having to be more creative. *sigh*
Oh, when I'm on a roll, I feel awesome! I know the feeling so well)))
It is awesome, and I wish PC problems weren't getting in the way of it, because I'm kind of afraid that by the time I get those resolved the roll might be over.
(Though I went out and bought a couple notebooks so even if I can't type I can still write.)
I know, computer problems always come when you really-really-really need the computer to work well! =D I've been through this so many times. But I always use notebooks. I write everywhere, even in the transport, so I usually start with the notebook and then type the fic out.
Good luck with resolving the problems!
I should probably do that more often, because when I handwrite first there seem to be less errors in the typewritten copy. However, I can type faster than I can write, so when I get on a roll it usually works better for me to type.

As for the problems, I had someone come in and look at it today - I knew one of the fans (the CPU one) was going bad (it was making noise)...

I spent over 50 dollars to fix it, which is kinda silly, I suppose, because I also bought another PC today. Basically the PC man told me that price-wise it would be better to just buy a new one, cause this one pretty much needs to be rebuilt.

Still, I don't feel too bad about the money spent on this old one, because I'd like this one to last until the new one arrives (which will probably take at least a week), and the way it was I didn't think it was going to. The PC man confirmed it when he looked at it - the fan was in such a bad shape that it was about to short out and do some damage, meaning I would have lost my shinny new on the roll fic.
Happy new year. ;) *hugs*

Buy a USB stick to transfer your data.
Happy New Year, back. *hugs*

I'm not entirely sure what a USB stick is or how I would get one - care to fill me in?

They come in all kinds of sizes and prices, I assume you'll get a decent 2 GB model for less then 20 dollar. :)

Anyway, I had a PC man in today, because a fan was going bad, and (separate problem) the whole PC speed has been getting slower and slower for a while now, which does tend to annoy when browsing the net, but lately it is also slow offline as well.

According to him he came just in time (at least as far as the CPU fan was concerned) - things were about to get very very bad. *sigh* I'm just gonna have to shave my cat, or remember to open the box and at least remove the fans and clean them once in a while. ;)
Never had problems with PC fans until I got pets and now I've had to install two in as many years.

As for the CD, I also know what's wrong with that too now. The CD will read discs and the burn programs are working properly, but the laser in the unit itself that does the actual burning has gone bad.

Anyway, I bought a new PC (with almost twice as much processing speed - YAY!), because according to PC man this one even if I wiped the HD and started over I'm not going to get but a bit more speed out of this one, and by the time I'd put everything back on it - well, I'd be right back where I am now. Basically he told me it would be cheaper to buy a new PC, because this one pretty much needs rebuilding.

Funny side-note: Turns out the new PC doesn't have a CD drive at least not like I'm used to (Its a DVD writer instead of a CD writer), so getting the stick will be handy for me - I can save what I need off this one before unhooking it, and can continue to use it until I learn how to work the different thingie. ;)

As for price, I got a 1 GB for less than twenty, I would have bought a bigger one, but in about a week (maybe slightly longer) I'll have a new PC with all new (and hopefully working) stuff anyway. Now I'm just hoping I'll still be able to work my twenty year old printer on the new PC. After all this I honestly cannot afford a new printer.
Just keep your old machine around as a backup in case something happens to the new one.

One tip: Do NOT have Windows Vista intalled on your new PC because its crap, and I mean total wothless pile of steaming shit, also it doesn't have any support for older hardware so it won't be able to work with your printer.
XP however should have a printer driver for it.

A DVD writer can write CD's fine, you just need to tell the software that it should burn CD's and not DVD's after you told it that it should be burning CD's

Nice to know I could help you with the USB stick :)
Yeah, I plan on keeping the old machince for at least a week, if not a month before saying goodbye.
I'm actually tempted to keep it longer and just use it as a game player because I have many games installed - some I don't even have the discs to reinstall them anymore.
But I don't have an extra monitor and it seems silly to buy one when I'm pretty such I actually don't have the space for two PCs.

As for the advice about Vista - thanks, but in this case I actually knew to avoid Vista like the plague. Too many people have complained about the problems with Vista for me to go for that.
I mean when it is common knowledge that people are leaving Vista for XP (on older one) you know there are some serious problems.

Right now I'm using XP Home (I think) and the new one comes with XP Pro, or XP something that I know is different from my current one - so there will be some differences (I'm sure) but I'm hoping because both are XP there won't be too many differences. I still remember going from 98SE to XP - that was a bit of a confusing jolt, though I couldn't deny XP was better.
(I actually wanted to get one exactly like I have now, but couldn't find one with my OS installed (and I can't actually afford a custom job), because I love many of the default games that came with it - here's hoping those games are just standard to all XPs.)

Question about the stick: Does it come out of the packing ready to just plug and go or will I have to install something before using it?
Mostly I'm just curious because I couldn't find information on that anywhere.