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So, I've got several of my own fanfics which I'm working, but this week real life has been crazy, so instead of actually working (when I didn't have too) I've been reading others fanfic instead of "working" on my own.

This rant comes from the fact that I love reading about Xander when I read Buffy fanfic, but it is getting where just about every damn story that is XanderCenteric bashes Buffy, Willow, and/or sometimes even Giles.

I suppose part of the problem is with me reading Xander/Spike and Xander/Angel, but it is completely possible to get Xander with either vamp without resorting to Buffy, Willow, and/or Giles bashing? Come on!

I've thought about this (possibly too much) and while getting anyone with Angel is problematic (including getting Buffy and Angel back together) it isn't impossible, and it is possible to do so without the Buffy, Willow, and/or Giles bashing.

Spike/Xander is even easier to do, though depending on the timing I could see Spike bashing Buffy, I'll be the first to admit that she was a first-class bitch to him, but at no time could I honestly see Xander standing for Spike Buffy bashing. And when you get down to it Spike seemed to believe that even though he was a monster Buffy treated him like a man (*snort*) - so I'm not entirely sure it would be completely in character for even Spike to bash Buffy.

Geez, am I one of the (very) few who finds it possible to give Xander and groovy role (and mate) without turning the rest of the scoobs into asswipes? Apparently.

Disclaimer: Yes, I KNOW not every XanderCenteric story bashes the others, but seven times out of ten they do! And I'm just tired of seeing it.

I mean, I'll even grant that Buffy turned into a big giant ass!bitch on her own in season seven - so I have no problem with bitchBuffy in those contexts, but eight times out of ten the fanfics I'm reading (which inspired this little rant) about are actually set before Buffy went complete bitch! Seriously, many (most?) are set back in the days where Buffy was actually a good character/person - think season two/three. So, I'm just saying if you want bitch!Buffy place your works in the point and time where Buffy was actually a bitch or do an AU fanfic and admit your fanfic is AU!

Anita Crossover Rant - not related to the above rant

I'm also getting annoyed with Anita/Whatever crossovers. Why? Because they always seem to play Anita as this wonderful mother character that opens the other characters eyes to the truth and said other characters would be just lost without her. Come on now! Seriously, even in the beginning this was NOT Anita and she was certainly better then than she is now.

I even read one where Xander started out in character and saw Anita for what she really is (slut girl) and than WHAM! Anita lays into him, and he comes back saying she's right. Just NO! Why? Because this fanfic has Xander surviving some of the Sunnydale events and the AnitaVerse and the BuffyVerse are one and the same - Xander just ended up living with Anita, so his early experiences on the Hellmouth haven't changed, nor has he had a universe change which could somewhat make it easier to understand why Xander would back down.

So because of that it does not make sense that Xander would back off and say "Hey, everything I believed was wrong (despite you know the fact that my best friend became a mindless killing machine and I killed him) so sorry for not accepting your (Anita) word as law!" I was actually hopeful after the first chapter that this was gonna be a fanfic where Xander knocked Anita off her high horse by pointing out that she (Bella Morte, oops, meant Anita Blake) doesn't have a moral leg to stand on, because she has literally become Bella Morte. Actually, Bella might even be a bit kinder, because Bella allows her men to love each other when she isn't around, she just doesn't allow them to love other women.

And, of course, as an added bonus we have Anita characters bashing Buffy because she dares to kill the souless killing machines on the Hellmouth known as vampires. Okay, I'll grant it would be different if Buffy was killing AnitaVerse vamps, but this fic has her killing BuffyVerse vamps and then bashing her because apparently that's all wrongheaded of her.

See, in the fics I read, it's the opposite. Buffy and Willow are praised, and Xander is bashed horrifically. Granted, that's probably because the fic I read is generally Bangel, and we all know how Xander hates Bangel. It's rather irritating for me...I'm a huge Bangel shipper, but Xander is my favorite Buffyverse character ever.

I'm not big on the character bashing in Buffy. I think all characters serve a purpose and I can't think of any characters that I really dislike, except for maybe Spike, and that's just annoyance, not dislike. There are ships I can't stand, but the Buffyverse, to me, is unique because I like just about every character. :D

I just don't get the bashing, at all, for any character. Except maybe Riley, but it's hard to take that seriously when a summary reads that Riley meets up with some angry cows and dies. :D

Bashers, just STFU, please.


P.S. If there is any good Xander-centric fic you know of, could you send it my way? I love a good Xander fic.
That is why I gave up trying to read Buffy/Angel long ago, which I'm not exactly happy about because I'm sure I do miss some good ones, sadly I probably even miss out on some good Buffy/Angel(us)/Xander because of it. But I really love Xander and realized quite some time ago that I just couldn't handle the bashing he takes in most B/A fics.
The funny(ish) thing is that I can even handle a little Buffy and Giles bashing in XanderCentered fics - Buffy because like I said, before things were over she just wasn't a person I liked very much, but when every fanfic I read contains BuffyBashing (especially fanfics which take place before that) I just want to scream enough is enough!
And I can handle a bit of GilesBashing because there were moments, even early on, maybe even especially early on where I felt Giles was way too harsh on Xander. But again I don't really think Giles would ever intentionally hurt Xander.

Strangely enough Willow seems to get a better deal from all sides, though I have seen WillowBashing Xander fics (obviously) but sometimes with Willow it tends to be her and Xander standing against the evil Buffy and Giles - GAH! But because she gets such a good deal most of the time that I admit I'm tempted to write a fanfic where Willow goes crazy (more so than she did on the show) and has to be eventually killed.
I probably won't, well, at least not to the point where she has to be killed, because I do actually like Willow, but I am becoming sorely tempted to write a fanfic that basically mocks all the bashing fic out there using Willow.


Anyway, here's a Xander fic off the top of my head that you might like - I don't know what pairings are no-nos for you, so I'll say this - the fic is Spike heavy (cause it's Spike/Xander), but it is also Buffy/Angel and has no character bashing.
The seqeul is a Buffy/Potter crossover but only features Spike/Xander, so you might not care for it, but I really liked both.

Siring by Spike by vinniebatman
NC-17 (complete) het & slash
Summary: As Xander faces death, he chooses to instead allow himself to be turned. A story about his turning, and his life after.
Chapters 2
Ride the Broom!

PS - I don't know if it is shameful of me or not, but I've never been bothered by fics which bash Dawn, Harmony, Wesley and/or Riley. Not that there are many of them out there, and, okay, maybe Riley and Wesley Bashing bugs me a bit, but not as much as it probably should - I just can't get over my first impressions with the above characters and therefore have never really liked them. Of course, I manage to avoid writing them into my fanfics so I won't be tempted to bash them. It's easy enough to do, so I don't know why more people simply just avoid writing the characters they don't like.

Edited at 2007-12-22 10:47 pm (UTC)