Finally! And, yes, I just had to make a journal entry to note this, before running off and spanning numerous message boards with this news.

I'm not sure how I feel about season three, general opinion says it isn't as good as the other two. However, I can't say, because I didn't catch most (if any) of season three first time around. For the first two seasons it was on a channel I could get, then they changed it to a channel that (at the time) I didn't have access to.

So, good or bad, I am eager to purchase and watch this season. Plus, then I'll have all three seasons on DVD, and possibly be able to finally make head-way on that Forever Knight/X-Files crossover that has been sitting on my hd since I started watching X-Files on DVD.

For anyone else that might be interested, you can find all the known details by clicking here.

Not a big fan of the green coloring of the box, but hey as long as I get those episodes they could be wrapped in poop and I'd be happy! Well, as long as I didn't have to be the one to clean it up before using. ;)