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Okay, since I got this journal, I figure I should at least make an entry. Thing is I really don't have anything to say at the moment, and I honestly haven't decided what exactly I'll be using this journal for. You see, I already have a journal (not a LJ) for general stuff, so I'm thinking about making this journal specific to something. I just haven't decided what that something is yet.
Good to see you!
I'll have to let the troops know you're here... *g*
Here I am! Hey, BL, good to see you again. This is where we hang out now, so I guess I'll see you around here!
Its nice to be here, finally.

Yeah, alisanne mentioned in my 'return' thread on the TRA that the old slash gang had pretty much moved to LJ. Which did, I'll admit, factor in my decision to finally join.
You might consider adding Hopefulnebula to your Flist. She (besides being a sometime poster at Terran) is a LJ support volunteer.